simple go-to everyday jewelry for the modern girl

My messy work table, with an obligatory cup of coffee!
Love the organized side of my studio...very unlike my actual work table!
My shipping station!
If I won the lottery, this would be the view from my studio! Laguna Beach, CA
Where we love to be in our free time! Red Rocks in CO

Minimalism and simplicity

Lime green modern : Established 2009. I am a one person shop....designer, creator, photographer, shipper, and customer service, all from my studio outside of Denver, CO!

I create some things from "scratch" and I also enjoy sourcing really cool sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled components from all over to design simple modern jewelry.

A little more about me and my shop:

Me.....I'm a wife to a great guy and a mom to two awesome kids. My DH calls me the cobbler because I am always hammering.

Obsession..... I design for everyday simplicity. I would love my jewelry to become your favorite "go-to"!

How long..... I have loved jewelry since I bought (with my own money) a clay pendant necklace with wood beads way back in first grade (circa 1976). Funny childhood memory, huh?! I still have it too! See it on my blog:

I started making jewelry in college and found my creative expression.

So why limegreenmodern?.....I am inspired by my love for the modern aesthetic and a huge lime green art canvas that I painted years ago. It has been dragged through many moves and is the first thing propped up in any new space. It still seems to inspire me! I am happily settled now, but still attached to my giant lime green canvas.

My favorite quote and mantra:
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo da Vinci
owner, maker, designer, curator, One woman show! :-)
I have been hammering silver for years and started my Etsy shop in January 2009. A girl can only make so many pieces for herself, so now I enjoy creating things for everyone!

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