wood art. fine art prints. acrylic paintings.

A writer working as a graphic designer until that elusive publishing deals comes knocking.

Writing and art have always been a passion of mine. I happened to land a graphic design job right out of college and I haven't looked back since.

While I try to fit in writing time here and there, graphic design takes up a majority of my day. Which is a good thing, too. Design work tends to pay more bills than editing and re-editing my first attempt at a novel.

From my day job to my freelance work, I get to create awesome things every day. I absolutely love it.
Lindsey E Archer
owner, Graphic Designer
I'm a graphic designer and writer with a passion for typography. One day, my novel will be on the bookshelves (and yes, I plan on designing my own cover). Until that day comes, enjoy my graphic design skills in action.