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Here You'll find organic linen and amber jewelry, different linen accessories for home and some nice things like collectibles.

We are creating family with art education. We are from Lithuania, the Baltic country in Europe, from Palanga - the resort town on the coast of the Baltic sea.

Lots of white sand beaches, pine tree forests and amber washed ashore after stormy weather are main nature‘s features here. Local people like to go for amber gathering for fun and as for amber resource to process it later.

Baltic amber is somehow intrigueing material - in milleniums hardened resin of extinct coniferous amber trees dated back 45 - 50 mln. years.
Maybe thats way sometimes amber poeticaly is called geologicaly hardened beams of the sun.

Palanga is famous for its historical amber workshops, with the very first amber processing place dating back 3000 B.C.,
for its largest amber museum (29 000 exhibits),
and for a landscape park created by french, European famous landscape architect E.F.Andre in 19th century, and more.

Working with Baltic amber more than ten years, now we pay more attention to pure natural linen, which is grown and processed in Lithuania too.
Maybe because of its natural, silver like greyish colour and unique texture,
maybe because linen emanates noble simplicity,
maybe because it creates a nice contrast with transparent light yellow, white (“royal“), redish or dark honey (cogniac) colours of amber.

Other materials we use are cotton, wool, wood, brass, copper, silver, semiprecious stones, jewelry glass.
Sometimes driftwoods, pebbles and few shells from the seaside.
Combining them we try to reach interesting and pleasant interactions of textures, shapes and colours. In this way we seek to achieve romantic and natural decorative mood.

Our created works are original, hand made and ecofriendly.
All items we create with care and love, tending to help to expose everyone‘s original, natural and unique beauty...

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