lionrealm's Shop Announcement

Welcome to lionrealm! I learned how to crochet years ago from my talented mom, who learned from another family member, who learned from another family member . . . . I create unique crocheted items, including afghans; accessories for babies, children, and adults; and amigurumi for all (even pets). All items are handmade in Chicago, IL in a smoke-free / cat-friendly home.

Many of the items displayed in my shop represent past projects that I will re-create as custom orders according to your specifications, which means you can tweak colors and even sizes as you like, and make the piece gender specific! I enjoy collaborating with folks, so please message me to chat. Also, certain items are available now -- and they're clearly marked.

**NOTE** Although baby afghans may take a traditional boy or girl name, remember that pieces can be CUSTOM ORDERED, which means you pick the colors and get to determine BOY, GIRL, or GENDER NEUTRAL status!

Have an idea for a unique project? Send me a message with your questions or even just to chat. I look forward to hearing from you.


YARNS USED: I use blended yarns (cotton with acrylic, nylon, or bamboo), 100 percent cotton yarns, acrylic yarns, organic cotton and bamboo yarns, and occasionally wool blends. The item descriptions indicate the yarn used, and prices are set accordingly. Many pieces can be made using a different yarn type, so if you love a piece made in an acrylic blend but prefer an all-natural or more sustainable material, just let me know and we'll discuss.

TIME TO COMPLETE: If you are ordering a custom (not an "available now") piece, note that several factors can affect how quickly your order will be shipped, including yarn availability, piece size, and pending orders (for those who placed an order before you did). I will give you an estimated time to complete up front, and then will give you updates along the way. Rush orders are accepted sometimes, but note that price may be affected.

If you are ordering an "available now" piece, your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

PRICING POLICY: Most prices are determined by a simple calculation of materials plus a nominal labor charge. If you have questions about how the price of a particular item was determined, just ask.