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From party decor, cards, cupcakes to favors, get the perfect touch for your DIY events here.

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Please read if you're interested in understanding the feedbacks.

-- If the items you receive is different from the items you ordered, I am happy to refund you in full. I can also send a replacement.
-- If you change your mind or are not happy with the products, please return the products to us for a refund.
-- I will NOT however refund you when you actually want to keep the products. There are too many people on Etsy who troll the stores, purchase then demand full refund with a threat of a negative feedback otherwise. I do not play that game. Even the absolute best shop run by kindest people in real world have unhappy customers. I am happy with my feedbacks which is 100% honestly earned. If you have a question regarding specific feedback, please contact me. I am actually glad to answer. I have kept the records which will show the inaccuracy of the feedbacks. The number of shipping days, the past conversations, threats for negative feedbacks in return for free items. I have a clear conscience and I always do my best for my customers. Thank you. Have a nice day !