hip baby blankets, burp cloths, bibs, and baby hats!

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baby stuff doesn't have to be cute -- it can be awesome.

I'm totally obsessed with patterns, color, and typography. I love bright, unique and stand out things for myself, and naturally wanted the same for my offspring!

The typical baby-stuff was falling completely short when I was hunting down decor for our son -- boutiques were either too pricy, or mass produced enough that every other cool mom had it anyway, and the things I was finding online were all made of that polyester minky stuff that I just couldn't bare to put on my kid.

So, I put my graphic design degree to use, and designed a few cutesy little prints and turned them into a few handfuls of burp cloths and knotted hats that I kept for myself and gifted to some pregnant buddies. After getting constantly asked "where did you GET THAT!" I realized -- "duh, I need to get these on Etsy".

And now, less than a year into it, this business has blossomed into something that covers all my creative outlets. Designing fabric in the middle of the night, and making making making with every free moment I have.

I'm thankful every single day that this has become more than just a little project, and has given me the chance to stay at home with my (super awesome work at home) husband and (amazingly precious gorgeous) little boy.
Amy Richardson
owner, maker, designer
I'm a graphic designer turned momma turned maker. Living in Brooklyn with my awesome husband and our little dude. On a mission to eat more pizza than is probably safe.