Handmade Gifts for Baby and More

My first, maybe second, quilt! Created for my adorable niece!
My first craft show! That was a great way to spend a summer day out with a friend, can't wait to do more!
I love to paint too! This is a moon made special for my nephew:0)
Have I mentioned Sophie? LOVE HER!
Another of my first quilts, I love the colors here!

Must. Make. Things.

I simply love to create and I wasn't. Now I am!

When I am not busy trying to be a full time teacher, homemaker and wife, I love making baby things, and bags and quilts! I always wanted to be a quilter and just never thought of actually doing it. I love to sew and began making gifts for people out of desperation to find creative gifts for people. Why spend all of my time looking at stores and shopping when I have so many ideas myself? So now I am on a mission to create great gifts for people to give the one's they love:0)

I keep pretty busy in life, but Etsy has taken one of the front seats and I hope it stays there! I have a passion for making beautiful things that people can treasure. Whenever someone asks "where did you get that (insert handmade item here)?", it tickles me pink to say, I made it!

I make each and every piece by hand and am constantly trying out new ideas. I like to offer new items as well as tried and true items in my shop to keep variety for the customer and myself so keep looking!

Thanks for taking time out to find out a little bit more about me!

Happy shopping!

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This is my shop! I love to sew and create and this is the best EVER outlet that I have found. I love being a part of the Etsy community and am enjoying building my brand. I still have a lot of goals to reach and work to do but sure am having fun!
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