littlemissprissgirls' Shop Announcement

Thanks for checking out Little Miss Priss! It all started about 5 years ago when I had my first little girl. I just couldn't leave the house without her wearing a bow or a headband and she couldn't have just one bracelet...she had to have one on each arm. The accessorizing of little girls is so much fun and it's one of my favorite parts about having girls. I was blessed with a second little girl and now I love that I can match their bows, headbands, and bracelets with each other. I then became interested in designing and making womens jewelry!

When you buy more than one item there is no additional charge for shipping.

{Special} All headbands and clippies are buy 4 get the fifth one free! Just let me know which one you like! You can mix between both! The stretchy headbands do not need to be sized as they fit heads of all sizes.

Baby Bracelets are sized into three categories: newborn (0-12 months), toddler (12-2) and child (2 & up). I add an extender chain on each of these so that they fit them for a really long time. All baby bracelets also have matching necklaces! Let me know if you are interested.

If you see a jewelry set that you love but are interested in only part of it, I don't mind separating the set!

Check out the sold items and let me know if you see something that you want! I'll do my best to get it for you, however some items are one of a kind.

All Prissy Watch Bands are buy three get the fourth one free!! You can get all of your birthday gifts done for awhile! Let me know at checkout which one you want to be free.

I always have a bunch of watch faces and watch bands that are not posted. Let me know what color you are interested in and I can send you some photos.

~~All of our models are wearing their own headbands, jewelry, etc. Your order will be made special...just for you!~~