livinggemstones' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Living Gemstones, my handmade gemstone jewelry boutique, where you will find beautiful, inspirational, and elegantly designed jewelry. These exquisite designs not only compliment your outer beauty and elegance, but they also compliment your inner beauty with revelations of identity and purpose. The heart behind my creations is the fact that we are all precious gems. On the outside, we may look like regular old rocks, but the Master Jeweler sees our potential and who we truly are on the inside...precious. We all just need a little refining and oftentimes restoration. This polishing process is what makes us shine and our inside becomes our outside.

Living Gemstones came as an inspiration from the Lord and from 1 Peter 2:4-6 where we are described as being built up as "living stones." The stones and colors all have significance and meanings. For example, the color white is symbolic of purity. Blue, revelation or enlightenment to the mysteries of the spiritual realm. Many of my pieces have names that depict our prophetic nature as the Bride of Christ as well as the heart and nature of God.

I pay special attention to detail and artistry and put my heart into designing these pieces because I believe in excellence and because I feel they are released to me straight from our amazing, creative God. Check back often to see what great and inspired designs I've created! Most of my designs are exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces or limited editions. Feel free to reserve an item or inquire about a layaway plan that works for you (see my Shop Policies).

Thank you for visiting. It is my hope that these expressive designs will bring encouragement, inspiration, and hope.

** Kristen