Handmade Gemstone and Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

My workbench is always covered with tiny sterling silver bits.
I love parties! Seeing all of my jewels displayed beautifully is my favourite part.
My employee "Megan" never complains, never asks for a break and always holds perfectly still.
I keep my gem stash handy for when inspiration strikes.
Tiny has nothing to do with my shop, but she's our new baby so I have to show her off.

Our New Life

I have always been a creative person, but never dreamed that I would turn that passion for creating into a business. Five years ago I needed a change. I was tired of the long commute, the high daycare bills, and the stress of my job. My shop began as a simple desire to stay home with my daughter and take control of my life.

After wandering through a craft store one day I came upon a free booklet on simple wire wrap techniques. I was intrigued, and took it home along with some sterling silver headpins and a very inexpensive set of pliers and cutters.

I was instantly hooked. I loved making the tiny little links, loved the challenge of keeping them consistent in size and shape, and I loved how quickly a few beads turned into a pair of earrings. Who knew that little booklet would be the start of a brand new career for me!

I discovered Etsy right around the same time, and everything seemed to fall into place. My husband and I quit our jobs and moved 3 hours away, to an area that was more affordable. We realized that we had been working long hours, and commuting a long distance just to pay for a big house we were never home to enjoy.

We settled into our simpler life in Muskoka. My commute is now from the bedroom to my craft room across the hall. I spend all day making beautiful jewellery that I sell around the world. I'm home to see my daughter off to school and I'm home when school is over.

I'm happy.
Jennifer Robinson
owner, maker, designer
I am a self-taught jewellery designer with a love for all things beautiful and feminine. I am inspired by my beautiful little girl, sparkly gemstones and the colour combinations that I see in nature.

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