Ceramics and Cards by Liz Worthy

Working on greeting cards is 1 part hand drawing 2 parts computer time.
Adding color to a greeting card design
Cups get an okay at my clay studio - I love adding words in addition to drawings. This stencil is my favorite new tool.
Capturing teacups in progress
Ceramic funnels in the kiln, pre-firing. The colored cones are used to monitor kiln temperature while firing.

Clay and Cards

I divide my time between creating greeting cards and making vessels out of clay. There's a lot of crossover. The illustrations I might make initially for a card often find their way to the sides of my pots. An illustration on a pot often gets reworked into a drawing on a card.

The work in each is very different. For ceramics, I work out of a large community studio, making it a very social experience whereas my drawing is generally pretty solitary.
Liz Worthy
Hi! I'm a ceramicist, illustrator, and writer and have been calling San Francisco home for the past 15 years. I grew up in Montana and attended Trinity College in Connecticut. Outside the studio I love to read. Favorite author - Lydia Davis!

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