Permanent Peace Cranes Origami Ornaments

my son makes beautiful etched glass art
Poster art fundraising for Japan designed by Vik Muniz I gave 1000 cranes
Cordova Alaska with my children 1979 I owned a cafe there
My daughter is a beautiful fine artist too, her day job is very intense and takes up a lot of time
My painting collage of Harvey Milk for AIDS Emergency Fund, raised 1200.00 for AEF 2011

Paper Portraits

Once upon a time I started selling all kinds of art work on Etsy, in many mediums. The origami birds won their focused position by popular acclaim and attention. localcolorist [!at]
owner, maker, designer, curator, teacher
I raised 2 children in San Francisco where I was born, many years ago. My children are talented artists with day jobs too and we all possess psychological gymnastic feats of imaginative survival skills in a dot com world

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