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Last updated on July 23, 2011
Greetings, weirdos!

LOOPS OF FURY! is cute, fun, kitschy, funky crochetions & creations by me, Lyndse "Rinji" Gwaelin! Every item is handmade with love, was fun to make, and made me happy and proud to create! If you enjoy things that are silly, creative, and really colorful, you I'm sure you'll love my craftworks!

I'm based in beautiful Eugene, Oregon and have sold my wares around town: you can find LOOPS OF FURY at Kitsch (1016 Willamette St., next to the historic McDonald Theater), Olive Juice (543 Blair Blvd.), and at Sweet Potato Pie (E. 11th Ave., Eugene, OR). I'm proud to say that Eugene Hutz from Gogol Bordello purchased one of my hats from Kitsch once. True story.

Everything is made in a totally non-smoking environment, but I do have a couple of happy, fuzzy kitties! Many of my crocheted items are made with yarn that is 20% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, and as much as I can I try to use materials that make the world a cleaner, greener place. :3

If you'd like to follow my personal Etsy account, I can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/profile.php?user_id=5829011

Thanks for visiting! LIVE & LOVE FURIOUSLY!

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Shipping is still pretty iffy, but I'm working on doing the Flat Rate thing. I think that'll work out really well. More info as it comes.
Additional policies and FAQs
SHOP FAQs (a work in progress...)

Q: You gave me your business card, but the item I was interested in isn't listed in your shop right now. Why?
A: Mostly because I don't have the money for a nice camera to take pictures of my stuff, nor do I have mannequin heads or all those nice things to model my items on. However, you can send me a message or e-mail me about the item and we can sort it all out. :3

Q: Do you accept trade or barter for your items?
A: Totally, as long as the item(s) you want to trade is equal in dollar value to the item you want. I'm also working on a way to accept Bitcoin as payment, as well! If you're interested in trade, please message me or send an e-mail. NOTE: I reserve the right to refuse a trade!

Q: What are your scarves made from?
A: Typically they're made from acrylic or other synthetic yarns, but I have used too many sorts of yarns for this purpose to list them all here. Each individual scarf listing will say what the material is that it's made from.

Q: What are your hats made from?
A: They're typically either made from soft acrylic yarns, yarns that are a 80% acrylic 20% post-consumer recycled plastic blend, or both. I will usually say which it's made from in the listing.

Q: What size are your hats?
A: The adult size that I typically make is 22" in circumference, and that should fit most head sizes. If not, it should have some stretch and give once you wear it a lot and break it in.

Q: Do you currently make children-sized hats?
A: Only on commission. Send me a message if you're interested in this.

Q: I love your animal hats! Will you make me a special animal?
A: If it's within the realm of my ability, I'll certainly try! Send me a message or e-mail and we'll work it out, okay?

Q: What are yarn falls, anyway?
A: Really? Well, they're a kind of hair extension that you can wear to embellish your hair: you can look like you have dreads, feathers, braids, or sparkles in your hair. You can find all kinds all over Etsy and the Internet at large: they're fun and decorative for dressing up, going to a rave or party, going to festivals (like Burning Man or Oregon Country Fair, just for example), costumes, or just for any time if you're that badass.

Q: So what's the story with your crocheted yarn falls?
A: As far as I can tell, I invented the crocheted yarn fall style. When I came up with it, I Googled it to see if anyone else was making them the way I am, and it appears they do not. So my crocheted yarn falls are a LOOPS OF FURY! exclusive! Cool, huh?

Q: Why do your falls look so curly or twisty?
A: It's a result of the crochet technique that I use. It's really neat, I think, because you can twist the falls around one another to give yourself a thicker dreaded look!

Q: What are your crocheted yarn falls made from?
A: I use exclusively acrylic yarns for the falls, although I like to embellish the falls with other kinds of materials like plastic glow beads, ribbon, feathers, and other fun things that I find. I've been using "ouchless" hair bands to secure them to hair, but I'm also thinking of experimenting with putting them on shoelaces so they're more adjustable.

Q: Do your yarn falls react to black light?
A: Honestly, I don't know yet. I've heard rumors from reliable crafty friends that this type of acrylic yarn is known to have an "aura" under black light no matter what the color, but I can't tell you yes with any real certainty yet. I do know that some of the embellishments I use on them will react to black light and/or glow.

Q: Can I order just one set of falls instead of a pair? What if I want some longer or shorter than you're offering?
A: Only on commission. Send me a message or an e-mail, and we'll work something out.

Q: What are your water bottle covers made from?
A: I used to make them out of acrylic yarns, but now I only use 100% cotton yarns for the water bottle covers. The reason for this is that cotton maintains temperature better, helping to keep your cold drinks cooler and your hot drinks warmer. Plus cotton is a very durable material.

Q: How exactly do your water bottle covers keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm?
A: If you soak your water bottle cover in cold water and GENTLY squeeze the water out of it (DO NOT wring it!) until it is damp, it will keep your drink colder, longer. If you leave your cover dry, it will insulate your water bottle and help keep your drink warm for longer. Please keep in mind this is not a guarantee: I don't work for Thermos or anything. ;3

Q: What are your wrist cuffs made from?
A: The cuffs are made from either soft acrylic yarns, acrylic/post-consumer recycled plastic blended yarns, or a combination of both.

Q: Are the glow pony beads that you sometimes use on your items blacklight sensitive?
A: They sure are, and they look pretty sweet, too! The yarns, however, are not. If you know where to find blacklight-sensitive yarn, you let me know.

Q: What size (in inches) are the cuffs?
A: The "Larger" size cuffs are 7 1/2" long (or circumference) and about 2" wide. The "Smaller" size cuffs are 6 3/8" long (or circumference) and about 2" wide. Keep in mind that I'm now making all of my cuffs adjustable (with plastic laces), but this is the size they are when laced so end meets end.

Q: Can I get a special size wrist cuff?
A: Sure, why not? Send me a message.

Q: So what are the plastic laces made from?
A: The plastic laces are made from #1 PETE plastic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyethylene_terephthalate), and the pieces used as laces in the adjustable cuffs are typically 15" long. Some of them are blacklight reactive, but as yet I haven't found any glow laces (but I shouldn't have to look too hard).

Q: I have one of your un-adjustable cuffs. How do I get this thing on without stretching it all out?
A: Well, for one, make sure it's the best fit for you. I'm no longer making them, but I only made them in two sizes (described above), so don't try to force the Smaller size on if you have a larger wrist. Secondly, just work it on over your hand until it's on your wrist. It's made of yarn, it'll bounce back.

Q: Why does my new wrist cuff feel kinda scratchy when I wear it?
A: Yeah, sorry about that. See, when I made it I used to be pretty paranoid about it falling apart from hard wear, but I also want the cuffs to have a neat, clean appearance. I used to put a dab of super glue on the knots to keep them nice and tight, but I don't do this anymore because this resulted in some people complaining of it being a little scratchy until it was broken in. I recommend washing your new cuff with your laundry once or twice to break it in a bit. I've done that with my own personal cuffs that I wear and that seems to alleviate the problem.

Q: What kind of findings do you use for your jewelry?
A: I personally like to use only stainless steel findings for my jewelry, since they have the lowest occurance of allergic reactions.