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3 months

Fog is amazing this time of year!

4 months

Did anyone else have an epic summer? heart_eyes

7 months

Explore the Redwoods and Sequoias of California heart

9 months

Ready to ship, Welsh Sheep in Matte laminated archival paper. Photo shot on film with a medium format camera.

9 months

A matted 5x7 print, ready to frame in an 8x10 frame!

1 year

Just in, metallic 16x24" winter cabin print!

2 years

Getting some 5×7 prints made to include free in this summer's orders!

2 years

I'm loving how my clutch bags came out! Each will come with a free 5x7 print. In the shop soon!

2 years

The 2015 Best of just happened to also be many of my favorite photos as well!