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The Joy of Creativity

I have had a passion for doing anything crafty all my life! In primary school, I remember hot summers spent at Mum's sewing machine as I worked on making a pillow case, soft toy or just experimenting! I have tried many types of crafts over the years including knitting, cross stitch, card making, sewing and countless other crafts. Now I have a family of my own, I wanted to have the flexibility to work from home and be creative too. I also want to teach my children the joy of being creative and help them discover what they enjoy. My daughter seems to have inherited my passion for craft!

When I started buying beading magazines and making my own jewellery, I discovered I had a real passion for it. And so began my creative journey in jewellery making! I now design and sell my own jewellery at Lou Lou & Betty.

In case your are wondering, the name Lou Lou & Betty comes from the pet lambs my sister and I had when growing up on a farm. Lou Lou is remembered for following us, as we would drive around the farm. Very unusual behaviour for a sheep! When Lou Lou and Betty grew up, they were eventually returned to the rest of the herd.
Lisa Briese
owner, maker, designer, curator, Shopper!
I have discovered a love for designing and making jewellery. I love exploring different design techniques, trying them out and working out which ones I will use in my designs. I am drawn to vintage style jewellery and this is reflected in my designs.

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