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I am a Member of Team EFA: Etsy for Animals, Artists Helping Animals and donate a portion of my sales to Rabbit Rescue Inc. in Canada!

10% donated to Rabbit Rescue Inc!

Rabbit Rescue Inc. is a “NO KILL” registered charity dedicated to saving the lives of domestic rabbits that have been abandoned, abused or neglected, and subsequently finding them loving “forever” homes.

Working with shelters across Ontario, Rabbit Rescue takes in last chance animals that have no other options and who would otherwise be euthanized. They spay/neuter ALL of the rabbits, and work with rabbit savvy vets to provide appropriate medical attention. They also provide programs and services that educate the public regarding animal welfare, and provide protection and adoption services to animals at risk of cruelty. Founded in 2002, it was the only registered rescue for rabbits in Ontario. Since its inception, it has grown to be the largest rabbit rescue in Canada!

On Monday June 27th, Rabbit Rescue assisted the OSPCA by taking in over 100 rabbits from a terrible situation. They had a vet and tech on site to assess and medically check all of the rabbits and treat them accordingly. Most of these rabbits required immediate medical attention, and many are still receiving ongoing care. Rabbit Rescue incurred vet bills far surpassing anything they expected based on the condition they were told the rabbits were in. Sadly, they were all extremely ill and required immediate and ongoing attention. All have now been spayed or neutered.

Like many charities, Rabbit Rescue Inc. survives on monetary donations. It is through the donors that they can provide their animals with the medical attention they need, and tend to their day-to-day needs. To learn more about donating to Rabbit Rescue or to learn about adopting, fostering or volunteer opportunities, please visit