loverescuedog's Shop Announcement

SPRINGTIME SALE! All vests just $12 and under! I know rescues and shelters are already starting to see increased number of unwanted pets with the season change. I'm offering the discount with hopes that more vests on pets=more homes more quickly!~
Welcome to Rescue Dog Love!
Rescue Dog Love supply rescues, shelters, and fosters with adoption accessories made to get your adoptable pets SEEN by potential forever homes!
RDL's adoption accessories are bright, colorful, and unique! They can be worn to the park, the vet, at adoption events, on walks, in parades, and anywhere you go!
Let the world know that your foster pet is ADOPTABLE and in need of a good home! Let the community know about your presence as a local animal rescue!
Thanks for visiting our shop, and thank you for the work you do in animal rescue!