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Return Address Stamps, Custom Rubber Stamps, Personalized Monogram Stamps, Save the Date stamps, Wedding Invitation stamps, made & shipped fast!

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Periodically I do offer discount codes to help you save on your purchase. Some rules apply to discount codes and coupons as follows:

1. How to Redeem -- Discount code must be entered before you proceed with payment. In your shopping cart, click on the 'Apply store discount coupon' link to expose the coupon entry field and enter the code there. Click the 'Apply' button to confirm and you should see the discount reflected on your order immediately. Then proceed with payment and that will be all.

2. If discount is not redeemed at the time of purchase and you complete the order without applying a discount code, there will be no refunds issued at later time. Period.

★ ★ ★ ABOUT MY WORK ★ ★ ★
I do CUSTOM orders all the time so if you do not see exactly what you are looking for in my store in terms of design, size, mounting, etc. please contact me and describe as best as you can what you have on your mind. For instance, you may like the frame, or border, or design element in one stamp and the font in another -- let me know and this could be the birth of a new crossover!

The majority of stamps I make are made with liquid photo-polymer resin which is exposed to UV light in order to harden. This material has great printing qualities as smooth flat surface, hardness, and clear/transparent color that make it excellent for clear stamp dies, traditional wood handle stamps, and self-inking stamps. I offer three major types of stamps:

UNMOUNTED STAMPS– these are clear polymer print dies that come with a piece of double-sided, self-adhesive 1/8” mounting foam. All you have to do is stick it to a suitable piece of wood or acrylic block and use with separate ink pad to make impressions.

WOOD HANDLE STAMPS – these are old-fashioned wood handle stamps in cherry or walnut color. Separate ink pad is needed to make impressions but the stamp is mounted and labeled for you.

SELF-INKING STAMPS – these are very common and the name is self-explanatory. There is a built-in ink pad that wets the print polymer die so this buddy is ready to stamp out-of-the box. No separate pad is required. I use the Trodat(R) & Ideal(R) brands for the self-inking stamp mounts. Due to the superiority of pre-inked stamps (see below), I no longer use traditional self-inking stamps but pre-inked stamps in their place.

PRE - INKED STAMPS – Pre-inked stamps by iStamp feature solid and flawless repetitive impressions. These stamps do not require re-inking for about 20,000 impressions. The oil-base ink stays in liquid form inside the stamp chamber for years when stamp is not used. When stamped, ink bonds very well with regular paper and carton. These stamps are very easy to re-ink from the top -- simply remove the handle and add 10-15 drops of oil-base ink for pre-inked stamps in each of two holes. The iStamp brand does not offer the flexibility of swapping the ink colors. The reason is due to the fact that the ink flows directly through the print die. Traditional wood handle stamps on the other hand allow for frequent color swaps without issues. For best results use iStamp oil-base refill ink, available in the Supplies category. Not recommended for glossy and non-porous media.

CLEAR BLOCK STAMPS -- the "see thru" clear block allow you to place the impressions more precisely onto the media. Whether it is for an invitation, Save the Date, RSVP cards, or product tags the clear block stamp will come handy for your project.

If you are looking for our designs as a self inking stamp please go to our website:

If you project involves, or requires the use of strong solvent inks such as acetone, MEK, etc, or oil-base inks please let me know so that I recommend the proper material and mounting option for your project.

----===============I M P O R T A N T ================----
In order to avoid any confusions, please make sure that PayPal shows your CORRECT shipping address as this is where your order will be shipped to. If you need your order shipped to a different address, please notify me immediately after you submit payment. Thank You!

----=========== International Customers ==========----
Please check with Customs in your country as duty charges may apply based on the total of your order, or the commodity type. Any duty charge (if applicable) is to be paid by you and is not included in the purchase price or shipping cost. Thank You!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T h a n k Y o u ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

lovetocreatestamps' Shop Policies


All payments are processed through PayPal.

As far as I know you are no longer required to have a PayPal account in order to complete your purchase.

To use your major credit card without signing up for PayPal account, once you are taken to the PayPal screen, look for the words "Don't have a PayPal account?" and click on the "continue checkout" link. This should take you to a very familiar credit card payment page. Fill-in the required fields and follow the checkout process to complete your payment.

Please note that PayPal has its own guidelines and restrictions for credit card payments. Residents of certain countries may be required to have a PayPal account and/or be verified before sending payments via credit cards. For more information and list of restrictions you may visit the official PayPal web site.


In most cases main carrier is US Postal Service and domestic delivery takes 2-6 business days. Shipping insurance and expedited shipping is available upon request -- please contact me before making a purchase and submitting payment so I can accommodate your request.

International customers should be aware that foreign orders take longer to arrive. In general delivery time varies 7-31 days with average reported time of 7-15 days to most countries. If you elect to place an order from outside the United States, please be patient while your order is in transit. Due to ridiculously high rates and paperwork volume, shipping insurance is not offered on orders shipped outside the United States -- if you wish to get international insurance coverage on your order regardless of the high rates, please contact me prior to placing an order for a quote.

Customs & Fees
All customers outside the United States are advised to check with Customs schedules of their country about any applicable fees, or duty PRIOR to placing an order. Any fees, or duty from Customs (if applicable) will be your obligation, and are NOT included in the cost of products. If you place an order from outside the United States and then reject/do not release the package from customs for ANY reason, there will be no refunds. If a package gets returned back to me, I can re-arrange to ship it again at your cost.

Refunds and Exchanges

I am ready to work out with anyone and resolve a problem shall one occur. However, please keep in mind that there are limits to anything and hence, limits to what I can do.

Your order is covered against:
* typos or errors (when you provided the text for personalization correctly but received a mistyped stamp);
* product not functioning as it is supposed due to mechanical defect (this excludes product being damaged while in transit by the shipping carrier).

PLEASE NOTE: All stamps are custom made to order and NOT subject to refund. However, I will repair, or replace a stamp which does not operate properly due to mechanical, or manufacturing defect. This policy applies regardless of whether you plan to use the stamp in the future, or not. Placing an order constitutes an agreement with all the shop policies.

In all other cases I will work out the problem but can only offer partial refund or replacement at discounted price. Situation like this include and are not limited to:
* the stamp does not look exactly as the sample model -- all stamps are customized with the text you provide and will variate slightly from the model shown in the sample. This is due to adjustments caused by length of names, font sizes, etc;
* package lost or delayed by the shipping carrier -- please understand that once your order ships and is in the hands of the carrier, I have no control beyond that point. If you have regular delivery problems (including lost, damaged, or delayed packages) to your address, please let me know before you place an order and I can add shipping insurance to your order (only applies to domestic orders within the USA; international shipping insurance is not offered due to ridiculously high rates). In the event where shipping insurance is not requested by the customer, I will not be responsible for lost, or damaged items during transit.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Q: I received a discount coupon for your shop. Where do I enter the code to receive the advertised discount?

A: To redeem a store discount coupon, add an item to your shopping cart. Then under the payment method icon images click on the link that reads "Apply shop coupon code". Enter the code you received in the box which appeared and click the "Apply" button. You should see the discount reflected immediately on your order.

Q: Can you make a stamp from my own artwork?

A: For the purpose of making a stamp, your artwork has to be in BLACK & WHITE art only (not full color or grayscale) and of no less than 300dpi resolution for image file formats, or vector file format with all text converted into curves.

I prefer CorelDraw files (v.13 and below), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and PDF files, or image file formats such as .BMP, .JPEG, .GIF, etc. but if this sounds all Greek to you -- just send over whatever you have available.


Q: I like this particular design but wanted to ask if you can use a different font?

A: Yes, any of my designs can be modified. If there is a font from another design in my store that you like better, please post a link to that item. Alternatively, you may also go to and pick a FREE font there.


Q: I like this stamp but can you make it larger?

A: Yes, please let me know what print size will work best for your particular project and I will provide a quote for the size you need.


Q: My Round Self-Inking Stamp is not properly aligned with the handle. Can you fix it?

A: This may happen with time but the good news is that it can be fixed quickly. If the print is not lined up with the handle of the stamp or goes out of alignment you will need a piece of paper towel to keep you hands clean and fix it back. Here is how to do it:

1) Observe the direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) that the print die has rotated by looking at the bottom side of the stamp with the lid removed;

2) Holding the stamp upside-down with the handle in your palm, place your thumb and fingers on the outer rim and squeeze the stamp gently until the print die levels up with the outer rim. Hold it in this position;

3) With your free hand, place a paper towel (2-3 fold) on the print die and pressing down with your stretched fingers rotate the die back into proper alignment. Test on a scrap piece of paper to verify if further alignment is needed. Once stamp is properly aligned, stamp a few times to clean up the die from excess ink that might have overflown due to the pressing.

Alternatively, if you are unable to achieve the alignment by following the steps above, you may send the stamp(s) back to me and I will be happy to do it for you.

Q: I received my clear block stamp but can't figure out how to ink it up properly. The stamp seems much larger than my ink pad. What is the best way ink extra large stamps?

A: Extra large stamps are best inked with raised ink pads. These ink pads don't have side border around the sponge and can be used to ink virtually any size stamp. Turn your stamp with the print side up and gently tap the surface until evenly covered. Remember, do not press hard as this would result in too much ink deposit in some areas. In addition see this demonstration video:

Last Updated March 10, 2014