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Welcome to Lucent Lampworks, my name is Brad Michael

The Short Story:
I am a dad (to an awesome little girl), husband (to a seriously great woman), dog havin (Kale the “borador” – look it up), car singing, bourbon drinking (dig it), part time vegan eating (optunivore), creative tinkerer, excel junkie, quasi artist type, farm wanting, God loving, Hershey chocolate fiend, Led Zeppelin rockin, and really love doing my lighting kinda guy.

The Medium Story:
Lucent Lampworks is a craft lighting company that provides high quality lighting and personal service. My style takes a nod from the past and influence from the present to bring you timeless design.

Quality lighting makes a statement, embraces a style, and can be the perfect element that adds energy to your design.

To ensure my lighting is of the highest quality, I have custom-designed specific raw components that are being made solely for Lucent Lampworks by homegrown local U.S. companies. These components are made with quality and consistency to my specifications and offered to you in a beautiful array of custom high quality finishes.

Most importantly, all of my finished raw materials come back to my shop where I personally design and hand craft every piece made to order for you.

The Long Story (get yer pillows and blankies):
You will likely find it strange that the beginnings of my lighting business stem from a children’s ride-on toy. In 2009 I designed & built a children’s ride-on toy for my daughter Lia. Well after MANY prototypes, lots of sawdust and lots of feedback from my R&D team (Melissa & Lia), I had a final design and a fun little toy. I called it the Wee Boogie. It was a great little eco-friendly wooden toy design that I decided to sell on Etsy.

After about 6 months on Etsy and realizing that I didn’t want to spend all my creative downtime covered in sawdust I chose to take the Wee Boogie to a broader audience and sell the design to a toy manufacturer. So I did.

You see…my wife Melissa and I are both creative in our own ways. That added with us both being Sagittarius, gives us the uncanny ability to shift gears rather quickly and take on multiple creative endeavors at one time. This also gives us the uncanny ability to have a home that looks like a bomb hit it most days. From fabric scraps, kids toys, saw dust and tools…we can make a good mess.

It was around Christmas in 2010 after realizing we had little money left to buy gifts I decided to make some one-of-a-kind table lamps for our family as gifts. I made them using old barn pulleys and all sorts of old found objects. I learned about the electrical end of the lighting and bought all the supplies I needed, and crafted those I couldn’t buy. I had more fun making these lamps than anything I had done in years. And there was the spark…or shall I say torch! I had tons of compliments on the pieces I made over the holidays, and that got the gears turning full speed.

By late January 2011 Melissa and I decided to take $500 of our savings (which was most of it) and take a leap of faith. From there we started what would soon become Lucent Lampworks. By July 2011 I had officially opened my shop on Etsy with 20 listings and within 4 days I had my first sale…to Paris! I was blown away! The feeling that someone wanted to buy something that “I” made was the best feeling ever. And to be honest I get that same feeling every time I have a sale still today! I just love this. Its funny when people say “Do what you love”…I get it now. …I am doing what I love!

simple. beautiful. illumination.
Brad Michael
owner, maker, designer
I am a father to a wonderful smart little girl, and husband to a beautiful and gifted artist in her own right. I am truly blessed. excel geek, hershey chocolate fiend, sampler of bourbon, part time vegan, and ex-whitewater kayaker.
CFL - (Chief Face Licker)
lucentlampworks uses 3 manufacturers.


  • A 3rd Generation Metal Stamping Company in the US United States The factory that makes some of my metal parts is a step back in time. These machines have been stamping metal parts for over 100 years. The owner of this company treats me like family. I love being a part of keeping US made products alive.
  • A 3rd Generation Glass Factory in the US United States Hand blown glass is an art. But to do production glass blowing is not only an art but extremely hard work. This blow molding and hand blown glass factory has been making lighting glass for over a century. I love using this top quality glass.
  • US Based Metal Finisher United States I am using the finest metal finishing company on the east coast and possibly the US. They have set the standard for environmentally friendly metal finishing. My parts come back to me in the perfect hue of the finishes I have chosen. Perfection.

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