luckybear's Shop Announcement

Hello! My name is Lucy - welcome to my shop!

I am a full-time primary teacher in Norfolk and also have a six-year-old son, so day to day I am quite busy! I use my sewing time to relax and get creative: I treasure the time I am able to shut myself away with my sewing machine and radio (and many cups of tea!) I started making bags a few years ago and find it quite addictive!

I enjoy buying brightly coloured printed fabrics but only usually get them in small quantities, meaning that I make a limited selection of unique bags. I would get bored making lots of the same thing - and let's face it, if you want something the same as everyone else has, you wouldn't be looking on Etsy!

My tagline is "Bags and Bits" because I also enjoy making other things - homewares such as tea cosies and aprons, etc., along with my favourite thing to make, which is pouches. I love making them! And I think you can't have too many!

So have a look around, hopefully there is something that takes your fancy. Thank you for buying handmade!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.