lululife's Shop Announcement

We are a Sudanese Women's Cooperative producing hand made, extra virgin, cold-pressed, organic, nilotic shea butter. Different from West African shea butter, Nilotic shea butter is naturally higher in shea olein and unsaponifiables, melting more gently into the skin. 100% of the sale price is ours to cover our costs, strengthen our cooperative, support our families and develop our communities. Our cooperative sells at competitive market prices determined by the inherent quality of our products, without resorting to ‘ethical’ mark-ups. As a producers' cooperative, we achieve fair trade not by over-charging you but by selling direct, avoiding middlemen and ensuring maximum returns to our members. Learn more about us in this video:

We learned something in the first days of this posting; calculating shipping costs is difficult for us. Therefore we are shipping most of our items for a flat rate of $2.00 and additional items for $0.50. Lip balm will ship at $1.00 and as an additional item only $0.25. We ship worldwide! How's that?