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1 week

New in my shop today: a printable pattern for sewing beaded felt poppy brooches! You don't have to sew this many poppies but you can if you want winkheartblush

1 year

Psst - get 50% off any purchase from my Etsy shop this month with the coupon code HURRAH50 (excludes shipping).

1 year

Also new in my shop this week - I'm clearing out a couple of gorgeous panels of hand screenprinted fabric heart I never got round to sewing with this, but maybe you can make something lovely with it? scissors

1 year

I've added some felt flower brooches to my sample sale! blossom These floral designs will be coming to my shop as PDF sewing patterns soon, but if you'd rather buy a finished brooch than sew your own then now's your chance blush