lydiaslibido's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Lydias Libido, a store that lives by the motto: "Nothing human is alien to me." We celebrate every form of love (Eros, not Philos or Agape) and believe that the organs of generation are as beautiful as flowers, their exact equivalent in the plant world.

Every item sold is pure metal--gold, silver or copper, no metallic colors or plating unless specified, for example the resin portraits covered in 23-kt gold leaf. Our policy is simple. If for any reason you do not like a piece, simply return it for repair, alteration or a full refund.

Here's what I have learned about copper so far: Ode to Copper

She first appeared in the Western world on the Island of Cyprus, sacred to Venus,
Goddess of Love. Her symbol in alchemy is the sign for woman.♀
Deep in the earth, she mates with the iron of Mars. In this world their pairing generates electricity. In the body, she enables the blood to store iron.
In the heavens, she is the companion of Selene, the Moon. Moonstone and she are a match made in heaven. The moon's silver brings out her beauty
Too soft for knives or weapons, she has always been an adornment for her own sake. But mixed with equally soft tin, the element of Zeus, she becomes bronze, the conqueror of the ancient world.
Exposed to the air, she is a chameleon, changing from warm red gold, to sea green, to heavenly blue, to turquoise.
Flame makes her blush all shades of the rainbow.
She is forgiving. Abuse makes her hard and brittle, but warmth restores her softness and malleability, again and again.
She conducts heat and electricity so well that her presence prevents steel from melting by an oxy-acetylene torch. She tames the lightening. She protects from the elements.
Her conductive virtue magnifies the psychic and healing power of gems and crystals, while moderating their adverse effects,
She is a healer, destroying harmful bacteria and parasites, speeding wound closing, and soothing joint pain. She is present in love potions.
Venus emerged from the sea. Some of its creatures, like lobsters, use her metal instead of iron in their blood.