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Welcome to mARTini Jewels, by Lori Perkins. Using techniques that have evolved over hundreds, if not thousands of years, I create jewelry from recycled sterling silver, 14 K gold fill, and genuine gemstones. Tribal. Urban. Contemporary. Anything but Ordinary.

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I am excited to offer recycled sterling silver! Here's why:

The Jewelry Industry Is A Dirty Business

We are in a business where all of our products come from the Earth, and the jewelry industry, in particular, relies heavily upon mining companies to generate source materials for their products.

The sad fact is — mining is a very "dirty" business and the production of one beautiful silver ring will generate five tons of environmental waste, contaminating water and lands which endangers the health and lives of humans and animals.

"The negative impacts of mining have forced people and businesses alike to take a long, hard look at where their products come from, how they are made, and to what extent they are impacting the Earth, its lands and its people. - Taken from Hoover & Strong website.

FAQ's about recycled metals -
May 28th, 2010 by Michael Perlin

1. Is buying recycled jewelry just the same as buying second hand jewelry?
No. Recycled jewelry is made from precious metals that have been recycled from various sources such as scrap from jewelry manufacturing, unwanted jewelry, electronics, etc.

2. Are recycled metals as good as new metals from a mine?
Absolutely! When a metal is mined from the ground, the ore is chemically processed to purify the metal content to very high levels – typically 99.99%. Instead of digging the earth for ore, recycled metals are generated using scrap precious metals from various sources which are purified, through a refining process, to the same high level as mined gold. The “refined” pure metals from both the mine and the recycled source are of identical purity!

3. You talk about recycled metals…where do new metals come from?
New or virgin metals are typically mined from the earth. It takes literally tons of rock to yield just a few grams of pure gold.

4. How can I tell if a metal is recycled?
You can only tell if a metal is recycled if the supplier of the metal has supplied recognized independent certification stating this.

5. Does it matter what type of process is used to refine and recycle metals?
Yes. You need to be safe and secure in the knowledge that the metal that makes up your jewelry has been refined using environmentally safe practices.

6. Why bother with recycled metals? What good will it do?
Recycled metals are very important. If we continue to use fresh mined metals, we are paying a huge environmental price. By using recycled metals, the “environmental bill” has already been paid.

7. Is precious metal mining always bad for the environment?
Precious metal mining requires digging up to mile wide holes in the earth, which displace animals and plants. Most mines use deadly chemicals in the mining process which impact animals humans and plant life. There are a few mines that have made strides on some levels but only certified “recycled precious metal” can be guaranteed not to have any negative impact our the earth.

Thank you for your support as this Etsy crafter strives to be "green"!! With the exception of chain (haven't found a "green" source yet) I only purchase from recycled sources.

Custom orders are a specialty - orders of 5 pieces or more receive a 10% discount! Please read what one of my specialty order customers wrote:
"Thank you for putting that order together on such short notice. I can't wait to give them to the wedding party.
Your designs are both creative and elegant. After a great deal of searching, I was excited to find them online."

Please note, that due to enhanced photography, items may appear larger than they actually are. Please read descriptions for measurements, or, if you're unsure, convo me.

All items come in a gift box (made from recycled materials, of course!) complete with ribbon and complimentary square of polishing cloth, ready for giving. Thanks so much for visiting!

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