mackandlilypatterns' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Mack & Lily pattern shop. All patterns are available for instant download and are designed for a regular sewing machine (a serger is not required).

Mack & Lily patterns focus on modern, ‘out of the box’ sewing techniques that will save you time and open new possibilities for creativity. Included are suggestions for notions and attachments designed to make your sewing experience more enjoyable.

Patterns that feature ruffles include the FLUFFY RUFFLE TUTORIAL – a 5 page illustrated tutorial with detailed instructions for setting up, adjusting, and using a ruffler attachment. Fluffy ruffles are quick, require no hemming, no gather stitches to pull (and break!), and no serger. Once you try this technique you will never go back to making ruffles with a gathering stitch!

Patterns that feature an appliqué design will include a 3 page APPLIQUÉ TUTORIAL with all the tips and tricks for making professional looking appliqués.

Another feature of Mack & Lily patterns is the T-SHIRT DRESS. T-dresses are comfy to wear, you know they are going to fit, and they are easy to make…allowing you more time to spend on the fun and creative parts of your project.