Handmade, Religious and Vintage Jewelry

Catholic rosary sterling 'Wedding Rose' Swarovski crystal pearls, rose Lampwork Pater beads
Erwin Pearl Cocktail ring pave clear rhinestones and pronged faceted ruby rhinestone
Sterling silver filigree bracelet with blue agate caged beads all handmade with hammered filigree components
Amber rhinestone choker, Root Beer amber and Aurora Borealis wedding statement necklace
1982 Avon Necklace Brooch Crimson Crest The Cardinal Signed Pendant

Bringing pieces of our past to your present

What is life without the glitter, the sparkle? I picked up my love of collecting vintage jewelry and other vintage items when visiting auctions and sales for my bookstore. I now want to offer my other finds - the jewels - of those expeditions to you.

I love the thrill of the search and the moment of finding a perfect piece. I am learning to design and make jewelry now also and will be sharing that slowly.

And then I learned how to wire wrap. That was a whole new world that opened up. I love wire wrapping. In the past year I have concentrated mainly on making rosaries. I wanted a place where you could find rosaries that spoke to you about yourself or someone you wanted a gift for. Where, if you don’t see them ready made, you could order them. I am introducing them now in my Religious section. Now I feel my site is a true reflection of my love of all jewelry.
owner, Proprieter
This is me taken years ago for fun. I have always enjoyed exploring the past and have been a collector all my life. Three children later, almost all grown, I have settled into collecting, selling and making jewelry. I am a vintage girl at heart!

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