magicalalchemy's Shop Announcement

alchemy is mostly housebroken and lives on a diet of eggs, beans, green veggies and cookies.
when making contact with one of the pride remember to make sure it has a soda or coffee in hand to keep it docile.
members of the pride become irritable if there stuff is cleaned up, they run out of E6000 or miss a great fabric sale.
alchemy can usually be found skulking around SCA events, pagan gatherings and renaissance fairs in new england and new york.
they are known for their spectacular display of sterling silver jewelry, extensive herbal apothecary and whimsical handmade items.
they are best contacted directly through etsy or their website,
beware, they are VERY shy.
to help tame them, follow along at these places:

they are a member of Pagans of Etsy Street Team & Etsy Dark Team.