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MagickalCupboardShop is currently not selling on Etsy We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

MagickalCupboardShop is currently not selling on Etsy

We’re here if you need help with an order from this shop. Have questions? Visit our Help Center.

Shop policies

Last updated on March 19, 2013
Step into the Realm of Enchanted Witchery's ~ Magickal Cupboard Shop~
Where Magic is Crafted in "The Old Tradition". A True Witch's Apothecary filled with an Array of Magickal Enchantments, Witch Crafting Wares, Spell Crafting Essentials, Organic Herbal Creations, Brews & Potions...Witch Oils & Conjuring Herbs
Handcrafted Enchanted Candles~ Spell Kits ~ Herb Kits ~ Beautiful Altar Kits & Decor ..Witch's Pampering Bath Offerings... Whimsical Jewelry & Mystical Gifts of the Goddess
A Magickal Place Where Something Enchanting is Always Brewing...

Thank you for stopping by Enchanted Witchery's ~ Magickal Cupboard Shop..With in the shop you will find a Witch's Cupboard filled with The Essence of Magick.. Each of our Handcrafted Offerings are created By Reverend Lady MoonRaven HPs. Bringing to you a selection of "Authentic" Witchwares crafted from the formulas handed down through family lineage, ones I have used for myself & for others with great success for many moons.
The Enchantments I offer have all been derived from Organic Herbs, Roots, Flowering Plants & Plant Matter the Finest Pure Essential Oils, Natural Waxes
The Magick Studio is located in the foothills of North Eastern Pennsylvania and much of the Herbs that are used in the Magickal Offerings come from My own Organic Witch's Gardens. These gardens have all been Blessed and tended in the
"Old Ways"..and are the surroundings of our Ritual Stone Circle where all of my wares are Blessed & Enchanted with the Positive Powers of the Moon.
Working by Candlelight & Cauldrons flame I bring you enchanted authentic witchwares....
I truly hope you will enjoy your stay with here and I invite you to contact me with any questions you may have. I am here to help & assist you with your individual needs & guide you with your selections when in need.

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
Due to the nature of the products that we create , we DO NOT offer any returns.

The nature of our work is Magickal, we trust and believe in the powers Magic. We offer these handcrafted wares to you to help as an aid in your personal Magickal workings, Rituals and Spiritual Growth. We do not guarantee the outcome of our Spell Kits or Enchanted Wares. As there is never a guarantee in Magickal Manifestations.. The Universe works when they deem fit when the time is right and this we do not question.
The most successful manifestations come from the power and will within the practitioner, or the one seeking with need. Your own Energy will have a great effect on the outcome and success of the working. It is our belief that the Real Magic comes from with in…

We have used the formula's of our Witch Wares for many years, Our spell workings have been handed down through generations. We offer them to you with many blessings & positive energies.
All are Blessed and Charged before leaving our hands.. With in the Sacred Circle beneath the correct light of Moon..
We do careful what you ask for...never ask for more then is truly needed. And Ye Harm None. Do What Ye Will...Protect Thy Self and Cast only against in Self Defense!!

May you be Goddess Blessed…your Magic be filled with Pure White Light and the Sacred Flame burn Bright always on your Magickal Journey..

Lady MoonRaven
Enchanted Witchery ~ Magickal Cupboard Shop Disclaimer:Enchanted Witchery, Magickal Cupboard Shop Its Owners and all Affiliates will not be held responsible for any damages, injuries or misuse of any of our products sold or distributed. Once our products reach the purchaser it is the responsibility of the purchaser to use all products with care and suggested proper intent. No Herbal Product, or product crafted from Enchanted Witchery ~ Magickal Cupboard Shop should be ingested with out the prior consent of a Medical or Holistic Doctor. We do not claim that our products are a from of medical treatment nor do we suggest that we can cure any illness, and those who are seeking medical treatment or advice should consult a Doctor at once if they believe that they are ill.
By Purchasing our products you are in complete agreement of this disclaimer policy and release Enchanted Witchery ~ Magickal Cupboard Shop, its Owners and all affiliates from any and all liability and any liability cases by the use of our products.

We recommend discontinuing use of any product if there is a belief of any allergic reaction to the skin. There are possibilities of such reaction from essential oils to the skin. Although all of our products are natural & of organic in nature there are times when even such can cause such reactions. So Always Test first before continued use.
Our candles are crafted with the use of Natural Botanical in many cases, By purchasing these said candles it is an acknowledgement that you are in agreement that these DO burn in a different fashion then a regular Natural Wax candle. Extreme care should be used. You should never leave a candle burning unattended and should keep the botanical away from the flame as much as possible. It is the suggestion of Enchanted Witchery's Magickal Cupboard Shop that the majority of the Botanical upon the top of the candle be removed prior to burning to insure proper burning and safety

We Accept Paypal as our payment method.
Most All of our products are shipped USPS Priority Mail but at times depending on weight might be shipped through UPS or Fed Ex and a tracking number will be provided when your item/items ships, this tracking number is provided directly from the Paypal site when your postage label is printed and will arrive to you via email to your email address you have registered with your PayPal account.
PLEASE NOTE: We will not ship to anyone that does not have the same email address registered with Paypal as they do have registered here on ETSY. Your Email Address must Match the Name & Email registered with the account you are using on PAYAPAL or your order will be canceled.
We will only ship to your paypal registered address.
If it is a gift for someone, or you select to have it shopped to another address other then the one that is on your PayPal account you need to contact us to purchase MANDATORY INSURANCE. I will then make the adjustments.. but then and only then will I ship to another address other then the one registered.
I am sorry to have to enforce this but I have experienced several dishonest people who have caused great distress along with negative feedback. I do not wish to encounter this again.
I wish we did not have to put this policy in place, but unfortunately there are many who simply take advantage of the system and receive packages only to say they did not.
As for international shipping. We are not able to provide a tracking number on parcels sent outside the USA, per the rules of the USPS not ours. ALL International Packages REQUIRE MANDATORY INSURANCE at the buyers expense. You will receive a USA Customs Number.

Once your order has been shipped we will not be held responsible for any LOSS or Damage in transit. We will not replace items lost, Damaged or stolen once they have been shipped. If your package is showing delivered it is the buyers responsibility to locate this package, as we simply do not have any control over where it ends up after it leaves our hands and goes in the USPS system. If it is showing delivered, then we can take no action to locate it for you. We follow this very closely through the same tracking info as you are provided. The first suggestion is to contact your local Post Office to see if the package is waiting for you there.
We would be more then happy to insure your purchase for an additional cost. If you would like to have it insured we request that you notify us PRIOR to placing your order . We will add on the insurance to your package for you. & You will be billed separately through the Paypal site for the exact cost of the insurance. Costs will vary depending on value of the product’s purchased.

Shipping charges will be Refunded if you have over paid for shipping at check out and you will see this Refund credited back at the time your package is shipped. We will not adjust this until this time.
We do not wish for anyone to overpay shipping charges, the charge for handling is $2.00 per package any size not per item, and this charge is calculated into the final shipping charge that you see on each product when checking out. It is only charged Once, so if you have 15 items that you have purchased you will be charged only $2.00 per package and this is simply to cover the packaging materials used to have your product arrive safely.
The charges that we have placed on each item is for the Actual Shipping as well as this $2.00 charge for Handling.
We do our very best to get your items shipped to you at the least possible amount incurred, but Please do understand that do to the nature of the products being sold we will not over package a carton as to assure that your product will arrive to you in the most beautiful condition.
If you have purchased many different items but they are NOT in the same order it is at our own discretion to decide whether to combined shipping. At times we will be able to do this and if we should decide to combined the shipping on several orders you will be notified that all of your orders have been shipped in the same parcel. You will also receive the same tracking number for all the orders through an Email sent directly from the PayPal site. We will do our very best to save you as much as we can in the shipping process of your items as we do understand the cost can be high.

When ordering you will also find that shipping discounts have been applied to all the items in the shop that qualify for them. When you add an item to your cart you will see the 1st shipping charge for that item, as you continue to add to your cart you will see a reduced shipping amount for each additional item entered. Each additional purchase will have a specific shipping charge applied for per additional items...please see item shipping description for the cost of each item.

We will do our very best to ship your purchase in a timely manor. Please do Understand that All of our products are handcrafted , hand poured, hand packaged & labeled to bring you an Authentic Witch Made Specialty Product.
***Please allow 7-21 business days for your item to be shipped, although on most orders the time will be with in the 7-14 Business days from the date your order was received. We strive to get your product to you in as little as time as possible. However there are times this can can take up to the full time stated to prepare your products for you. If you have requested a Custom Special Order or Working from us this can take extra time to complete as well, as it is being crafted just for you and is not a stock item. Each item is crafted to order and with in the Correct Moon Phase & Astrological Timing energies.. Of this we have no control so we ask you to please allow us this time to create your products correctly for you and assure you that you are receiving Fully Charged and Blessed Wares from our shop. We offer only the finest quality handcrafted Witch Wares.. This takes time to achieve the process of Magic can not be rushed.

When ordering any of our Altars Tables, Benches, Cabinets, Boxes, & Traveling Altar Sets the shipping time will be anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Each one of these items is crafted to order. When at all possible we will ship these items as soon as possible, but please allow this time frame when ordering for gifts.

If you are in NEED of something sooner, for a special occasion, or have a personal urgency for them, please do not hesitate to contact me first before ordering to see if I can accommodate your request. I will be happy to assist when ever I can and help with what ever you have questions about.

We can not stress this more…PLEASE ORDER EARLY TO INSURE THAT YOUR PACKAGE ARRIVES IN TIME. This applies to all Pagan Holidays ~ Sabbat Festivals.
It is advised to order as soon as possible for the Yule Holiday Season. USPS and FED EX as well as UPS is over run with packages and although they do their very best to deliver as promised they can fall behind as well.
We will be shipping on Mondays ~ Wednesday & Fridays. Again we will do our very best to get your products to you as quickly as possible…PLEASE Allow 7 - 21 business days for your items to ship..

Please Note: We have no control over the time it takes for your package to reach you once it leaves our hands.
USPS is our chosen shipping provider as we have found them to be very reliable, however things to cause delays with them as well. Please allow additional time in shipping during the holiday season and when individual Holidays fall.

In the event your package has gone missing or arrives damaged please let us know and we will provide you will all the necessary information you will need to contact the shipping provider so that you may contact them and seek information on your parcel.
If additional insurance was purchased, it will be the purchasers responsibility to file all the claims in the matter.
After shipping thousands of packages each year we can say with confidence that we have only experienced just a handful of lost package issues, USPS is a very reliable and reputable shipping supplier, but as with anything things can go a miss.

If you have any questions about your order/orders please do contact us first to resolve what ever issues there might be. We will do our best to ensure that you have a favorable shopping experience with us, but if we do not know of the issue we can not provide our assistance to you.
Additional policies and FAQs
The Shop Customer Service Hours are:
9am - 6pm EST Monday -Friday Closed Saturday & Sunday
I will be happy to answer Emails & Convos during this time period. Any Emails or Convos that are received after hours will be answered on the next business day.

CUSTOM ORDERS: We will be happy to create a custom enchantment just for you and your personal need. Please send Lady MoonRaven a note with your request and information surrounding your situation.
We will be happy to work with you on your special need.
NOTE: Custom Orders require additional time! Please allow me this time to fill your order. I will do my very best to get it to you as quickly as possible… as long as timing is right and I feel the Energy is correct.

FEEDBACK: We ask that if you ever have any concerns or problems with your purchase that you first contact us with in a 5 day period of receiving your product. We will do our very best to turn your concern into a positive purchase experience..... give us the chance to address and correct your issue before you leave
Negative or Neutral Feedback... We do not like to leave Negative feedback for others but will do so if the situation warrants it.
Our Goal is to have a satisfied returning customer.. Develop new friendships and have a Customer who feels that we offer the Very Best Magickal Products for their needs.
All the products are handcrafted, and although we live a Magickal Life here at Enchanted Witchery's ~ Magickal Cupboard.. Witches we are indeed.. we are still Human

We thank you for taking the time to read through all of our shop policies..
If you have any questions, concerns or just want to send a friendly hello…please feel free to contact us at anytime.
Enjoy your shopping experience with us..
Many Blessings
Reverend Lady MoonRaven HPs