magnumpie's Shop Announcement

Specializing in aquarium toppers. I have been making cages for over 14 years. Custom orders are always welcome.

The cages are made to order. Because I have so many different styles and different colors, its just impossible to keep them made ahead. And for those of you who like to make changes, this is why its so easy to customize your cage, usually at no additional cost to you unless more materials are needed.

I'm currently offering trim colors in Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Purple and Gray

*****This is a hobby and sometimes I have things that must be done ahead of making cages, but I really appreciate your business and try my best to get them out quickly. I look forward to working with each and everyone of you. *****

****** Some issues have recently been brought to my attention and I would like to bring this out in the open to prevent any further issues. PLEASE do not expect me to message you daily or even weekly with status updates. If you want to know a status you can message me. Please don't feel like this is a lack of communication on my end as a seller because I do not send you weekly chit chat or updates. I do have the message alerts sent to my cell phone and I feel I answer them within 24 hours or less. Also the days posted for shipping are Business Days and do not include Saturdays and Sundays. We live in a small town of 800 people or less with a very small post office that is only open for 2 hours on Saturday. I do not know if the packages that are left on Friday afternoons are sent out on Saturday or not. I have never had a reason to ask. Once the package is left at the post office, it is out of my hands as to how quickly or slowly the PO delivers to you.****

Sometimes it can take two weeks or longer to get your cage in the mail, but again if you need it sooner just let me know and I will do my best to get it to you sooner. Also make sure you want it when you purchase and pay, because like ebay, this is a binding contract and there are no refunds just because you changed your mind.