makingstuffwithlove's Shop Announcement

Welcome! I've discovered that my health problems are almost certainly due to the various fibers i work with when felting, and for this reason, I will not be making any more custom dogs at this time. I WILL be able to make these small sleeping dogs while wearing a mask (I would hate to never felt again!) and I will be willing to do a little bit of custom coloring on the dog, as in making him black instead of white, or, say, a brown left ear. That will be simple and easy enough to do. Making the various breeds and miniature replicas takes an extended period of time, that I can't afford breathing these irritants, so these little sleeping dogs are all that I will be felting -- but aren't they cute? I just love them :)

I will also continue to make my tutorial available and am ready to help you with it in any way I can :)

I love to make things, always have. So my name: makingstuffwithlove :) You can be assured that anything you get from me will have been loved already, at its conception and while it was being created. I LOVE CUSTOM ORDERS! If you'd like me to make you something special, please just ask. I welcome all questions, comments or just idle conversations.

I'm a proud member of the PetsJubilee team here on Etsy! Best group of people out there :)

I have another love, making doll clothes. I have a second shop that sells them. Come visit me there, where I also make dog companions for dolls :) It's here:

I'm looking forward to getting to know you!