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Having been a registered licensed Interior Designer for 25 years, and an owner of my own business for the past 15. I now design 100% organic pillows, all the way down to organic thread and tags. There is no expense spared in quality to create a product that is eco friendly, naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, naturally fire resistant, dust mite resistant since nobody likes bugs in their bed, and most of all, a product that contains no harmful toxins. After years of working with furniture and researching the affects of insecticides and fire retardants contained in bedding (and other household furniture and fabrics), I created the alpaca pillow as a safe alternative for my family. It is hard to find a pure organic alpaca wool product, so I would like to share my research and product to help others.

Why Organic Alpaca was chosen for the fill:
Each shaft of Alpaca hair is smooth and hollow, whereas sheep’s wool is not hollow and has little barbs down the shaft of each hair, making it feel “picky”.
Alpaca is a perfect alternative for those that suffer from allergies to sheep’s wool and feathers because the hair is hollow, dust mites don’t like to set up house in them, which is a leading cause of asthma and allergies.
This porous fiber creates an extra insulative value for a constant balance of temperature next to your body.
Alpaca is naturally fire retardant! No toxic chemicals need to be added!
The pillows are filled with true 100% U.S. Organic Alpacas only, supporting our local U.S. farmers.
Why Bamboo Fabric was chosen for the cover:
comfortable and breathable, wicking moisture at many times the rate of conventional cotton, yet dries quickly.
contains a natural anti-bacterial/fungal agent that causes bamboo fiber to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause odor.
hypoallergenic, as it is not chemically treated, preventing skin allergies and irritations.
softer and more comfortable than cotton, with a texture similar to silk or cashmere.
eco-friendly, grown without pesticides with a natural cellulose fiber that is 100% biodegradable.
when discarded, the fabric completely naturally decomposes in soil by microorganisms and sunlight.
Malpaca pillows were constructed choosing fiber/fabric to naturally stay clean and dry. Instead of using any chemicals to clean these pillows, simply place in sunlight to clean and deodorize. Size 19”x27”