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Our path

Like most families, our days are wonderfully busy and often a wild balancing act. Play fills our time, as parents, teachers, artists, designers and makers. We believe that beautiful, open-ended toys compliment a child's imagination and create a framework for creative play. We love what we do and our hearts are filled with joy to be able to share our toys with you.

Manzanita Kids began with the birth of our son Thomas in 2010, we just didn't know it yet! Our priorities and focus shifted to family and thus our desire to enjoy every minute with our kids. After thoroughly enjoying building some wooden toys for Thomas, we saw an opportunity that would keep home and work life in balance.

Adrienne teaches kindergarten and first grade in a local Seattle public school, which focuses on arts-integrated curriculum. David stays at home with Thomas, age 4, and Isabel, age 2 1/2, and is off like a shot to the shop when Adrienne gets home. Our days are busy, however we feel fulfilled as parents, designers and makers. We like to think that we are living a small town life in a big city.

We have strong ties to the community, especially at Adrienne's school. David's previous career as a landscape architect allowed him to pursue his dedication to ecology and education by designing a rain garden and outdoor classroom for Adrienne's school. Students helped in the design process, incorporating elements of play into the functional ecological space.

We love the growing community around Manzanita Kids! Positive customer feedback, our Facebook fans, our return customers all keep us energized and excited about making new toys. Making beautiful, fun toys and keeping our customers happy are our top priorities.

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Adrienne and David
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