marchstationery's Shop Announcement

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Thank you!

March Stationery started because when both my cousin and my older brother got married (not to each other), they couldn't find a wedding program that they liked. Or, if they found a design they liked, it would cost them an arm and a leg. So, they asked me to create a wedding program for them that was both beautiful and affordable, which I did. March Stationery was born.

Since then, I've found that a lot of people and businesses are looking for an attractive, personalized, and cost effective way of connecting with each other. March Stationery meets that need. Whether you need wedding invitations on a strict budget, personalized hand-written postcards for your business, or just the perfect card for your Back to the Future obsessed husband (is that just me?), March Stationery will make it happen for you.

I love custom orders, so if you can't find what you're looking for, let me know and I'll make it happen for you :)

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.