margaretbarry's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my shop. What you see here is my latest collection. I am a custom shoemaker by day, and have exhibited all over the country with my work in custom shoes for 18 years. One of my great passions is beads, and throughout my travels, I have sought out the tiny bead shop, the big city bead dealers, the collectors who are willing to part with some of their stash, and the weird back spaces who carry a few beads (a taxidermy place in Austin comes to mind). My new work is born of many influences:the process of learning the best of bead stitches and then learning how to abandon them, an attempt to use the wide collection of beads I have acquired, the influence of my greatest teacher, bead artist Joyce Scott, the amazing and varied impressions of 25 years on the road, and my biggest inspiration, forms found in nature. Oh, and all of the really great people I have met who also share my love of tiny, exquisite pieces of sparkling glass, on the plate, in sectioned boxes, hanging on hooks in stores, scattered around my house and then ultimately organized into a shape greater than it's many, many parts. These pieces are organic in form; they grow from each bead that is put in place. The shapes are irregular, speaking to the concept of growth. The colors are combined to be both pleasing and a little bit challenging. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I have enjoyed bringing them to you.
I am a member of the Etsy Beadweavers Team. Search EBW TEAM for more beadwoven creations or visit the blog for links to the member's shops.