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Announcement   I hope you find something here to delight your eyes! Art from my home and heart to yours.


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I hope you find something here to delight your eyes! Art from my home and heart to yours.

Marguerite MacRobert

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Marguerite MacRobert


This is a great graphic explaining why I use giclee printing at ORMS for my limited edition fine art prints. The paper looks and feels great and your print won’t fade.

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A fun custom art collaboration with a friend’s 7 year old. Get a kid to go nuts with a few colours on a big canvas and I do the rest to turn it into a space painting for their bedroom! This one has secret bits of glow-in-the dark paint for bedtime magic!

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Wet in wet ink painting with coarse salt. I love using watercolour techniques with the more intense colours you get from inks. I painted this dancer entirely in pure water which is almost invisible, then drop in ink colours and salt and wait for the magic
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Art is all around us

Creating artworks has been my passion my whole life, and a few years ago I decided to go the whole hog and quit my cushy university lectureship and open doors as an artist full time. Selling my art online via Etsy, Facebook and Instagram allows me to work flexibly from my home studio in Cape Town (South Africa) around my kids, and I love getting to know my customers better via social media.

To hang out with me in virtual space, you can visit my website/blog at or follow me on Pinterest (@foxturtle) or Facebook (@MargueriteMacRobertStudio). There you can see work in progress (some of it gets purchased before it's complete!) as well as completed projects and get a glimpse into my working life as well as helpful tips on displaying art, framing FAQs, etc.

I mostly paint originals to sell online, but sometimes I do high quality, limited edition prints of my work on watercolour paper or stretched canvas. I also take commissions for custom artwork, which I love because it's really special and a lot of fun to kinda co-create a piece of art around someone else's ideas and passions. Feel free to contact me to arrange anything from a particular subject to something like a unique pet portrait (I had fun doing tongue-in-cheek Art Nouveau cat portraits for one lady once!). My only condition is that I refuse to pain the same picture twice - if an original has been sold, it stays unique!

My art hangs all over the world, in England, Singapore, Ireland, Turkey, South Africa and around the USA.

My favourite surfaces to paint on are stretched canvasses and
eco-friendly bamboo watercolor paper or special chunky handmade paper, though I like to experiment. I prefer to use locally-made and stretched canvas on wood stretchers as the quality is better than store-bought canvases, it reduces carbon footprint of my business, and I like to support local home industry in preference to mass importers. I upcycle fabric left over from home projects or from second hand shops sometimes too.

I usually only do prints if the original painting is one I'm going to keep for myself, such as a special painting of one of my children or pets. For prints, I partner up with fine art print specialists like Wild Art Print in my town, for canvas prints, or ORMS, Cape Town, for giclee prints on specialist papers.

My inspiration is mindfulness of the beauty found in everyday life around us. I'm a nature junkie and a teeny bit obsessed with my garden. As a published author (I write poetry and stories and used to publish as an education academic) I'm also inspired to work with symbolic images and words, or might be drawn to illustrative work that emerged from reading a story or poem. While my emotional range is wide, I mostly feel called to produce art that is uplifting and joyful. This is because I live in a country of extreme contrasts and I've learnt to choose carefully where I put my focus.
Right now, my two children and our beautiful whippets are a great source of inspiration- as are those rare moments when they are asleep and still enough to capture in a photo or sketch!

Paintings kind of happen to me in two ways: paintings imputed by something in front of me and paintings from nowhere.

Usually when something tugs at my heart and eyes and I want to just look and look at it, I feel the urge to capture it in a sketch or photograph, depending on the moment and what I have available. If it's a sketch, I might work a bit at it later or let it develop into a new artwork but quite often I love the immediacy of the original and leave them alone or use them as the basis for something else. If it's a photo, I might do sketches from it or just paint with my phone close by and refer to the picture often. I keep Pinterest boards or magazine clippings of art and design for inspiration too, but I never, ever copy other art, so please don't ask!

Sometimes I sketch out the picture in pencil first, but I find I get a more painterly, interesting effect if I dive straight into the light and colour and don't paint into outlines. Ink brush work without pencil guidelines is the most challenging in some ways as I get a few seconds and only one opportunity to correct a line before the ink pools and dries so painting in ink is almost a meditative process. I have to go into quite a zone. Painting in acrylic can be fun gives lots of juicy, painty build up and you're never quite sure how the layers of under painting are going to affect the final artwork.

An ink might take between 15 minutes to several hours or days depending on how intense it gets and whether I need to make decisions between colors. It's hard to tell from the finished product. Acrylics time depends on how many layers of colour and under painting have to dry and how large the pictures are, as well as the level of detail.

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  • Marguerite MacRobert

    Owner, Creator

    I paint in my studio in Cape Town, South Africa. My art celebrates the joy and beauty around me, often in simple things I love, or mysteries I discover. I work in whatever medium suits the mood of the painting, most often acrylic, watercolour or ink.

Production partners

  • African Art Prints

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Fine art printers specialising in canvas prints. These are my neighbourhood peeps who take my digital files and turn them into stretched canvas prints! The staff there are always friendly and helpful, and the owner is an artist herself. Mathew (one t) from Zimbabwe is always ready with a cheeky joke

  • John Hurst

    South Africa

    John Hurst is an elderly retired architect and watercolourist who makes high quality, thick, handcrafted watercolour papers.

  • Orms Print Room

    Cape Town, South Africa

    Orms are the very best printers in my region for professional art prints and high res scanning. They take my original artwork and scan and print it.

  • Schalk Artists' Canvas

    Cape Town, South Africa

    The Schalks are a family-run business close to my home who make great quality artist's canvas, stretched on local timber. They make the canvas sizes to order, which gives great flexibility to artists. The canvas also has a lovely fine woven texture to it.

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