mariehelenecreations' Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my store, I hope you will enjoy your visit.

I extend an invitation to all who will enjoy the tradition of fine French hand weaving made into exclusive artistic creations.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating beautiful pieces as well as trying to attain the best possible quality in the field of technique and fiber. Creating beautiful new things fills me with joy weather I am weaving, knitting or cooking. I also really enjoy making one of a kind items. I never copy or repeat anything.

In the olden days, craft men and craft women of all trades and all creeds considered their work to be a spiritual path. They believed that the relentless pursuit of excellence in their craft was a way to improve themselves and that it was also a way to honor Creation and the Creator. Hand weaving fits right into this philosophy for it is a very patient, complex, precise and lengthy process. Because of these characteristics, it is unfortunately becoming a dying craft for fewer and fewer devote the necessary time to preserve this fine art, let alone try to make a living out of it in a "made in China" mass produced era.

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