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The mission of this shop is to offer and display art from the most remarkable artisans/artists, and beautiful vintage jewelry along with Native American items from all over this nation and collectibles from all over the world.

We are a very supportive shop and will tweet, pin, like and favor other's shops. We curate many treasuries, so you may find your items among those listed in one of our treasuries...just keep in touch with us so we know what's new at your shop! We enjoy being a part of many wonderful teams...

I am a grandmother of six children, lived in Florida all of my life except when I traveled nationally and internationally with various companies I have worked for over the years.

AUTHOR: TAMAR " A Different Kind of Love"
Link to Barnes and Noble Site:

In my travels, I found Europe particularly welcoming, and I love the aged buildings, the architecture the cobblestone roads, the bit of history that takes me back to a time that I feel most comfortable in...the Renaissance! The Victorian! The Edwardian! So stopping in at antiques shops along the way was a must do...not to mention visiting the great museums of each city along my travels...and the music of Wein (Vienna) particularly inspiring.

Being an antiques and collectibles dealer for many years, I will from time to time display some treasured antiques in my shop. These could include vintage items of all descriptions as well as antiques, fine art and collectibles.

I am a lover of Art, Victorian and Edwardian, Folk Art, Beautiful Paintings and anything from the 1600s & 1700s and forward to the 80's when it comes to artwork.

I also offer hand crafted items such as vintage quilts, fine china and glassware.

You will see a lot of VINTAGE JEWELRY offered as it is a particular favorite of mine for collecting.

My store will never be visit often to see how it evolves.

Whether it be of Native American origin to an original painting... and everything in between, I proudly show my wares and hope you find something of interest.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have found an item you love but cannot pay for it until next pay day. I will place it on hold for you and if you would just be so kind as to go ahead and make your purchase timely when the hold date arrives through this venue and checking out with PayPal or Credit Card, as you normally would. I just wouldn't want you to miss an opportunity to own a treasure you have found from my shop.

Please be aware that vintage items do have flaws, and wear marks that one expects to see on old or vintage items. These flaws, wear, or even damage are sometimes difficult to see and difficult to describe in an ad. However, with photos I will try to capture things for example like missing stones or stains etc. If you see something you would like clarification on, please do not hesitate to write and I will elaborate further in as descriptive a manner as possible for your benefit prior to purchasing an item of interest.
And then after the purchase, if not 100% satisfied... You may return (postage paid by you) and receive a full shop credit for the listing price of the item you are returning, does not include postage however. Shop credits are honored for 90 days.

I accept credit cards, PayPal and Postal Money Orders. (Only postal money orders, however). and Personal Checks (but they must clear before shipping).

For items that are vintage,antiques, silver or silver plate or gold the buyer can expect that there will be a tracking number (usually Signature Confirmation tracking) and items over $100.00 in value will likely be insured. If you do not wish an item to be insured that is valued close to or over $100.00 please advise and the return policy will not apply nor will the shop credit should the item get lost or damaged in transit. We prefer you insure the item if it is of substantial value. Items damaged in transit are not the responsibility of the Seller.

Please note: Items sent Internationally will only be tracked in the USA, if they are lost after they leave the USA, this is not the fault nor is it in the control of the shop owner.

When purchasing for the second time, or as a repeat customer, please contact me beforehand and let me send you a coupon code for second time buyers.

You will be able to return the item (postage paid by you, the buyer) and immediately receive a store credit for the amount you originally spent for the item. This does not include postage, however. Store credit is good for 90 days from the time of purchase. It goes without saying that the item must be returned in original shipped condition.

* Note: Please read the paragraph above regarding vintage and antique condition, however, because while many vintage items do arrive in good condition, there are some that may have age flaws as stated earlier. These items will never arrive like a brand new item would, but it is those flaws that actually tell a story and add to the character of a vintage item or an antique. If something is missed in the description or occurs during shipping process, please do not fault the shop owner. We try to describe items as thoroughly as possible, but are only human and can miss something. Please contact us for specifics that are not a part of the listing description before purchasing.


I am relatively new to,

Many items are being sold to "lighten the load" in my retirement years and to help in this economy to care for loved ones.

A grandmother now of six wonderful grandchildren, I find I want to take a simpler and more artsy and creative path; and that is why suits me to a tee. This allows me the time I want to devote to my grandchildren while there is time.

Many of the items shown in my shop I have collected and stored from closing down Antique shops I displayed in years ago, and much of it was antique then and now is 10 - 15 years older. Another way of am I.

Why do I have the types of items you see in my store, can be explained by my heritage.


Yes, I am a true American with the blood of many nations coursing through my veins and the love of the arts and cultures of those nations. European(German - Austrian) and French along with Native American, (Cherokee), which I recently learned of and would love to know more about, as a Nation, having already embraced my European heritage.

A special thank you to Team members, Tribe members, Elders and learned historians who can offer input that will allow us to better describe items we offer for the benefit of our customers. Thank you for your unselfish input and sharing of information.

I welcome all the other shop owners who favor my shop and who themselves carry items I would love to own or offer to my regular clientele. I will reciprocate by showing your wonderful items to my other friends from other shops.

"A stranger is merely a friend one has not yet met". Welcome Friend!

Marie (White Wolf)

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