Stuffed toys and sunhats.

Colourful toys.

I have always loved soft toys. When I was a little girl I had so many that there was no room for me in my bed! :-)
I truly loved them and they all had their own personality. (Maybe this comes from being an only child!)

When I make toys I always try to think of myself as a little girl. And I hope other children will love my toys as much as I loved mine!
So the shop started one day when my husband said: " Why don't you make softies?"
Well, he knows me better than I know myself!! :-)

From then on I have been in heaven!
There is nothing better than making the finishing touches to a toy and think of how much joy it can give!
Marie Simonsen
I grew up on the wild and beautiful west coast of Norway. I started making toys and other things at 6 years old. I still have some of my weird products from that age. :-) I love colours and always try to think of myself as a little girl when I craft