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I will ship internationally if you contact me first and let me know in advance so I can calculate the shipping cost.


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Voodoo, my own tale ...

I have been practicing voodoo since I was a child. I found voodoo in a library book my Grandmother checked out for me. Louisiana voodoo has roots in catholicism. I practice my own brand of voodoo which is Christian in nature. I am a polytheistic Christian Pagan. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary as well as Shiva, Kali, Ganesh, Bast, Pan, Circe, Persephone, Thor, Anubis, Psyche, Hermes, and Krishna who I believe is Jesus. I was born, raised, and call Louisiana home.

Voodoo literally means "servicing the spirits!" Isn't that sublime? Voodoo works by producing endorphins in the body most of the time, sometimes it just refocuses your mindset. The tactics of Voodoo are not subtle and it has the ability to aid in the healing of ones physical body, but I can not treat a purely physical ailment. I do however treat cancer which will help the person rest. Rest and sleep is how the body heals itself!

I believe that voodoo simply helps karma along. I use a very simple type of voodoo, white pins to heal. black pins to punish. Aside from that you just need a taglock: hair, fingernail clippings, a picture for the inside of the voodoo doll. Stuff the doll with a mixture of moss and herbs, add pink salt to charge any crystals you may have included inside the doll. I encourage anyone to find their own path with voodoo. I believe pins stuck in a doll under false preconceptions will not be effective. This is because Voodoo is God's magic and God will not bless something he does not approve of. Also of note do not combine black and white pins in one voodoo doll. The more you focus your intention while making the doll the better the outcome. I also practice Santeria which is Mother Mary's magic and Hoodoo which is God's and Mother Mary's magic combined. Mary blesses Santeria spells and God and Mary bless Hoodoo spells. When you buy voodoo products from me you get years of experience, skill, and knowledge of appropriate herbs and crystals. All my voodoo, Santeria, and hoodoo recipes are secret.

I can not teach you Voodoo, Santeria, or Hoodoo magic. I do not hold classes and will never do so at any time. To practice this magic you must have a calling and if you do have a calling you would have or will find your way to it on your own merits.!.!

If you have been raped or otherwise drained by a previous sexual partner it is said that you should swallow one page of The Old Testament of the The Bible. Be careful when tearing out the page as the ink is the important element. The best way to swallow the page is to roll it into a tight cylinder and then cut it to fit inside of a vegetable capsule, which you can simply empty out any herbal supplement and use the empty capsule. This should stop the energy vampire from draining your energy. You will need several vegetable capsules to accomplish this. You can also chew the paper up and swallow it if need be. This process will only be necessary if you experienced tantric sex with your partner which would be evident by the activation of all of the chakras. I had to swallow Bible paper myself and I can assure you this is effective.

The most dangerous spell is a love spell. If someone has put a love spell on you contact me privately and I will tell you how to break it.

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