mariiam's Shop Announcement

*Small/Medium mixes can range: 1/4" to about 5/8"
*Medium/Large can range: 11/16" up to 1-3/8"

*You might not get the full size range and there is no guarentee how many of each size that will be in each mix. That is why they are a mix. On the medium to large mix, I do take what buttons that I have in those colors and try to make sure that each mix gets a fairly good range of different size buttons that I have on hand. I do the best that I can to make each mix similiar in color, size, and style. But for sure, they will all be different.

***With a little baby in my home, I am trying not to do many custom orders right now. They are very time demanding and require a lot of communication that I have a hard time getting to.

If you still want a custom order, and you don't mind being patient with me, please know that it might take a while for me to get to.


Oh what fun it is to create! I am addicted to creating and I am addicted to buying the stuff used for creating! At my Etsy shop, you can find some of both. BUTTONS (at the moment) are my very favorite thing - so I have many many many buttons available. If you don't see what you are looking for, convo me because I am slow to list things and I have TONS more stuff!
Also - I wanted to start a fun creative list of those who have purchased buttons from me and used them to make things for their Etsy shops! (let me know if you have purchased from me and want to be added to my list) So here we go.....

Cher Creations Button Art (one of my favorites!)

Crochet Designs by Larrie

Buttonz and Bloomz



The Coffee Cuff


Imma Stick You


Buttons & Yarn Oh My!!