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Why buy MaRiMaKiNgS switch plates instead of others? Long lasting, authentically HANDMADE switch plates with superior quality, and detailed MATCHING SCREWS! Hundreds of designs (many ORIGINAL), fast shipping, cool packaging and freebies, discount offers, and great customer service for everyone- Check out my FIVE STAR REVIEWS!

My unique switch plates last for decades! Marimakings gives you MORE for your money- Totally HANDMADE charming original designs using the best quality materials and methods. Decoupage done right: no machines, no short-cuts, ragged edges or yellowing finishes. No mass produced cookie cutter prints that peel, get sticky, or degrade. Don't be fooled by cheap plates that have only one coat of the wrong kind of sealant!

FREE gift wrap- just ASK!! I will loosely wrap your switch plates (open on the ends) so that you can slip them out to look at them, then easily slip them back in to give as a gift!

Want to see even MORE designs? Check my SALES, right under the five yellow stars (where it shows number of sales). Ones that are not in stock can be remade- Please CONTACT ME if you are interested in any of these designs (which were previously sold), and I will set up a listing for you to make the purchase.

CUSTOM WORK: I can send you a CHART to help determine which format(s) you may need. I can also answer questions and sometimes apply discounts for you. Color chart is also available for certain styles. Please go to "Request Custom Order" or "Ask a Question". NOTE- This chart is difficult to see on phone screens.

LIMITED TIME Offer- BUY ONE, get one at 20% Off- In stock (Ready to ship) items only, and the second item needs to be a SINGLE. For each switch or outlet plate you purchase, get a SINGLE plate for 20% OFF! Simply make a list of your choices, and send them to me in a conversation (go to "Contact shop owner") and I will make a reserved listing for you! You have to ASK in order to get this discount!

Marimakings offers you MORE for your money! Along with free MATCHING SCREWS, my switch plates have more coats of sealant than others, better overall quality, and more varieties of styles! If you a plate for cheaper, it's probably because short-cuts have been taken! I also offer custom made designs and hand-painted backgrounds, and more rocker and outlet cover styles than any other shop.

It generally takes 5-12 business days for ready-to-ship plates to be received, depending on my existing workload. Made-to-order plates take around 10-21 days, depending on the quantity, shop workload, and weather conditions. I also have another busy Etsy shop, so your patience is appreciated.

My plates fit any standard wall fixture (U.S. and Canada). Standard size of a single is 2 and 3/4th's inches by 4 and 1/2 inches. Doubles are square: 4 and 1/2 inches by 4 and 1/2 inches. Oversize plates measure 3 and 1/8th inches by 4 and 7/8th inches, Metal plates, screw-less plates, Jumbos, triples, quads, are available. Most combinations of toggles, outlet plates, rockers, and dimmers are also available for the asking. Any of these will fit standard fixtures. All fore mentioned types of plates can be made to order. Just contact me if you have any requests or questions. Go to "contact" for any questions.

Some of the images used in my works have been purchased, others are copyright-free. My creations are made only by me, not by a team. I do NOT use highly commercialized images which call for licensing fees, such as Disney or popular cartoon characters.

Some of the images you see in this shop are also available as STICKERS and TAGS in my other shop: Check them out, along with lots of other cool crafting stuff!!

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I accept CREDIT CARDS (through DIRECT CHECKOUT), and PAYPAL. Also, you may use a credit card in Paypal without actually opening a Paypal account. If you need to make payments on an order, I will try to work with you, just ask.

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