marionaotero's Shop Announcement

Thanks for popping by to my shop!

I am a London based designer who is always interested in reinventing and giving a product a new identity with a new or complementary use.

I work in illustration, photography or using craft techniques.

In my online shop you'll find different items like TieCycles or Christmas cards at the moment.

TIECYCLES are made from second hand ties found in charity shops and markets.
Each TieCycle is different, unique and handmade. It combines the patterns of 2 different second hand ties.
On one side it can be used by day as a decorative accessory with a little pocket. By night it just needs to be flipped over, and it becomes a very useful reflective band.

CHRISTMAS CARDS are Illustrated and designed by myself.
You'll find four different designs based on the same theme: ' The birds kissing under the mistletoe inspire the man to sing till sunset'.
All cards are made using Risograph printing, which is an environmentally friendly that used soy based inks to produce unique quality outcomes. Each screen is made from banana paper. All paper used in the greeting cards is recycled.
Cards come along with envelope and clean seal envelopes.