Handmade Jewelry, Ear Cuffs, Charms, Rings, Silver, 14k

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Handmade Jewelry, Ear Cuffs, Charms, Rings, Silver, 14k

California, United States 11727 Sales On Etsy since 2008

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Announcement   FREE PEWTER DRAGON or PEWTER BAT EAR CUFF with any purchase! You must note in the comment area of your order which style you prefer. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders. Limit one FREE PEWTER EAR CUFF per order.

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FREE PEWTER DRAGON or PEWTER BAT EAR CUFF with any purchase! You must note in the comment area of your order which style you prefer. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders. Limit one FREE PEWTER EAR CUFF per order.

Marty Bobroskie

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Marty Bobroskie


Between 1998 and 2004, Prince and his band wore pairs of this design.
This whimsical Spotted Salamander Charm is carefully detailed from it's spots down to it's toes. It is the newest addition to Marty's amphibian collection.
After many requests for an Octopus Ear Wrap, this Sterling Silver Octopus swims your way. The reverse side of the tentacles are intricately detailed with individual suction cups.
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Original Lost Wax Cast Jewelry Designs by Marty Magic, Inspired by Fantasy and Nature

I started my business over 37 years ago in the summer of 1978, selling my jewelry at Bay Area Art and Wine Festivals. Most of my shows were in the Silicon Valley and as the tech industry grew, so did my business. In 1995, my husband, Art came home from work in the Silicon Valley and announced that he had purchased me the domain name; I looked at him blankly having little concept of what the internet was.

In October of 2008, I opened my first Etsy Shop but it wasn’t until 2010 when my daughter, Alisha started working with me full time that our Etsy Shop began to flourish. Alisha, who was raised doing art shows, takes all the product shots, answers most of the Etsy Conversations and manages the office. She has a natural aptitude for design and after 3 years of studio apprenticeship, lends fresh creativity to the Marty Magic business.

Our in home studio is a busy place. Alisha and I carve each original design in wax in our home based studio. Our business is thriving and a California foundry helps with our casting. Every piece is hand polished in house before it is shipped. All Marty Magic Jewelry is designed in Santa Cruz, California and Made in the U.S.A.

The lost wax casting process involves creating a model in wax that is then suspended in a metal flask and investment is poured around it. (Investment is very much like plaster.) The solidified invested flask is then placed in a kiln and the wax model is slowly melted out until only the negative cavity, the exact shape of the original wax model remains. Molten metal is then centrifugally spun into this negative space, or in the case of larger bronze castings, gravity poured into the negative cavity. After the piece has been cast it must be freed from the plaster and finished. Sprus are cut and ground and various polishing media, patinas and oxidations are used to bring the piece to its final polished state. If gemstones are to be set they are mounted just prior to the final finish.

We continue to sell at a handful of Bay Area Art and Wine Festivals as well as the Maryland Renaissance Festivals where I have had a shop for over 30 years but it is our Etsy shop that keeps us the busiest. Thanks to Etsy, our unique designs and our loyal followers, we look forward to many more years of creativity.

To read more about my early years, influences and inspirations……

I was an only child of a scientist father and an artist mother. I grew up in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. My father was chairman of the geology department at UCLA, and today, at 97 years old is Professor Emeritus at UCSB. As the only child of a geologist, I traveled extensively with my parents when my father was doing research, mapping or lecturing abroad. I have lived in a chalet in Austria; in an adobe cottage at the edge of the Salton Sea, California; on a farm outside of Edinburgh; in a thatched cottage in Gilleleje, Denmark; and in Bogotá, Columbia. I continue to travel extensively and my find inspiration in the cultures and biodiversity of our planet.

I began making jewelry in high school; assembling beaded earrings and making copper enamel jewelry in a table top kiln in our kitchen. I would take these pieces to school, pinned inside my notebook and sell them to my classmates. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Later, I graduated with a B.A. in Art from University of Redlands. My focus was ceramics under the critical eye of Leon Moburg who also taught the introductory jewelry class. My early projects surprised us both and I was soon doing independent study. By the end of my sophomore year, Leon invited me to teach the following year’s beginning jewelry class.

After graduation, I worked a number of waitressing jobs but continued to design lost wax jewelry which I would cast in our garage and laboriously hand polish. It wasn’t until the summer of 1978 when my ex-husband and I drove to San Francisco to sell my designs at street festivals that my career began to unfold.

Over the years I have built up a strong following of collectors and I enjoy interacting with customers both online and in person. I have a passion for what I do and I embrace the creative process from conception to completion.

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  • Marty Bobroskie

    Owner, Designer, Customer Service

    The jewelry and sculpture I design is created by the lost wax casting process. I sculpt each original in wax in my Santa Cruz studio. My designs are cast in sterling, gold and bronze. Fantasy, fairy tales and nature are great influences in my work.

  • Alisha McCormack

    Designer, Photographer, Customer Service

    I work full time with my mom at Marty Magic. I take all of the product shots, answer Etsy conversations and create jewelry designs of my own. My flexible schedule allows me time with my children. Thanks Etsy for providing this entrepreneurial venue!

  • Lisa Geiger

    Graphic Designer

    I work part time with Marty and Alisha as the Marty Magic graphic artist. I am experienced in Photoshop and edit their product shots in addition to formatting print designs for their catalogues, business cards and newsletters.

  • Jackie Black

    Finisher, Shipper

    Jackie works part time polishing and shipping all our Etsy orders. With her attention to detail, she makes certain each piece is beautifully finished and shipped promptly.

  • Snell Casting

    Grass Valley, CA, United States

    Snell Casting, a foundry in Grass Valley does our casting. My intricate designs are complicated to cast and I am grateful for their expertise. Having help with the production gives us more time to design, the part of our business that we love most!

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