MarvelousMelissa's Shop Announcement

Cats-- show this to your humans if they say that you won't play with a new toy:

"Yay! The darnsock mouse our human let us buy with her Etsy account arrived and we LOVE it! We've chased it down the stairs, flipped it in the air, rubbed our heads on it, and take turns hugging it to our bellies and kicking with back feet. Our human liked the schnazzy little branding tags that came with it too. She'll let us buy more for sure! Thanks so much! -Jenny's Clowder "

"This is the third sock mouse I've gotten for my cat. (Or is it the fourth?) Anyway, he LOVES them. And they last a long time. Thank you!"

“My kitty Daisy absolutely LOVES it! She even jumped up on the table and was messing with the package before I even got it open.”

"These are so great in so many ways. My cats were immediately drawn to them, even in the earth tones. The little bit of crinkle and crunch inside is definitely enjoyed as well. Don't be scared by the sock-exterior. These look like they can take a beating. They're the perfect size for cats that like to "gut" things with their back feet. Plus, they won't be swallowed by the dog in one gulp! Thanks so much! "

"Alfie loves his adorable mouse!! Each one is precious and has its own personality. Excellent quality. It arrived quickly and was exactly as described. Thank you! "

"I just wanted to send you a message to let you know what a big hit your mice were with my cats, who are rather picky "mice connoisseurs." My 5 main-house cats really loved them, especially the smaller blind mice. I have never seen the cats get so excited and crazy so quickly over toys, and all of them at the same time! I wish my camera had been handy! Cowpie, my largest cat (25 pounds) was trotting around with the larger mouse and crunching the shells inside of it.
Thanks for making such a fun, quality cat toy! I look forward to purchasing more in the future."

"I've ordered many catnip items from Etsy......this mouse just arrived and it is just the you have more available I will start my Xmas shopping.......perfect size and perfect catnip....Bates and Splat thank you!!"

“My kitties loved these, so much so that I couldn't get a good picture of them as they were falling all over themselves to play with these!”

“These are awesome! I barely got the package unwrapped before my cat had chosen her mouse and run away! Thank you...”

“It's a bit bigger than a lot of cat toys, so we don't have to continually fish it out from under the stove or worry about the baby eating it. Most importantly, the cat LOVES it!”

“Purrfect way to recycle old sweaters and socks!!! Murphy loves to play with his recycled toys!! Thanks Melissa!!”

“My kitty Daisy absolutely LOVES it! She even jumped up on the table and was messing with the package before I even got it open.”

“It's so fun to see her (Rosie) playing, she rarely does.”

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