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Announcement   Free Shipping! To schedule a massage appointment, please book online at or call 518-331-3127.


Last updated on Dec 7, 2017

Free Shipping! To schedule a massage appointment, please book online at or call 518-331-3127.


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Capital District Massage - Massage and Apothecary

Capital District Massage was founded by Lena in 2012. Since the beginning, she has experimented with different massage oils to find the perfect one. The first massage oil she bought in bulk after starting her own business was sweet almond oil because it was affordable. Everything seemed fine at first until a couple months passed and the sheets started to smell. The heat from the dryer set the oil stains and made it so difficult to clean she actually had to throw them away and buy new sheets. So much for affordable.

After that, Lena tried another inexpensive massage oil she found online that promised to be an "amazing alternative to expensive massage oils"... Until two of her employees complained of rashes on their forearms from using the oil. Lena dreaded to think of how a sensitive client might react to the same oil being applied full body.

Her last attempt at buying pre-made massage oil in bulk was with a reputable company at a higher price than the previous oils. Even though it was "unscented" it had a slight distinctive odor. Over time, this scent wore Lena down and she could not stand leaving work every night smelling like it.

These experiences left Lena with no choice but to become an apothecarist of massage oil. After months of testing different combinations at work, she eventually settled upon the perfect blend of ingredients. No more rancid-smelling sheets, skin rashes, or lingering odors. :)

In 2015, Lena started buying therapeutic grade essential oil blends to create aromatherapy massage oil. These have been extremely popular with our customers!

In 2017, we are excited to announce the launch of Capital District Massage's new retail line of aromatherapy massage oils and body oils. We are offering all natural Massage Oils and Body Oils in store and online with free shipping.

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