mbonan9's Shop Announcement

6/30/15: New 15/0 colors; gorgeous blues! P481A (Rose Gold/Shiny Copper Penny) in size 8/0 3-cut beads! Also Ceylon Pastel Yellow No. 527 (Toho) seed beads in 11/0! New from the Czech Republic: Silky, Pip, 8/0 Matubo, 3 and 4mm fire polish, half-tilas, Pinch, Flower Cups and other gorgeous beads; several in the beautiful Pastel Bordeaux (purple) shade! New Olive Green Frosted/Matte (Satin) 2x4mm Peanut Beads (F457M); Frosted Green Turquoise in 6/0 (F412D); New 6mm Spiral Bugle Beads; 8/0 in 299J (gorgeous maroon iris). Arriving soon: 11/0 Picasso finishes in 4512, 4513, 4514 and 4516; 11/0 #471A, F356B, F374G, P470, P481A and PF471 >^.^<

April Spring-Cleaning: CLOSE-OUT on several seed beads, 3x6mm Brick Beads, DVDs, Textured Hammers to make room for new beads! (Type CLOSE-OUT in the Search bar above my shop's first listing for all close-outs). New: 12/0 3-Cut (tri-cut) beads in Turquoise (412D), Hematite (451), and Gold Luster Light Raspberry (319M). F471 (frosted/matte gold) in 11/0; Permanent Multi & Permanent Frosted/Matte Multi in 8/0! 3x6mm Peanut (Farfalle) beads, 4512 and 4514 in 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads back in stock! Miniature (4x6mm) Tulip Petals; plus 12 more new finishes/colors in the regular 6x8mm Tulip Petals (including already sold-out Magic Wine), Dragon Scales, and many others arrived direct from the Czech Republic! 11/0 Jet California Gold Rush (Miyuki) back in stock! SILKY and PIP Beads coming soon!

Also new: Pastel Pink and Gray O beads, Crystal Capri Gold Tulip Petals and many more! DRAGON SCALE and 6x8mm TULIP PETAL beads direct from the Czech Republic! More Jet California Gold Rush beads in 2mm & 4mm Fire Polish; 3mm round and Rose Petal beads, new Pinch bead colors, Rose Petals, O Bead and more! >^.^<

New SuperUno Colors (23); 6x6mm Czech Tila beads (6); Pinch (7); Magic Orchid Rose Petal and other beads just listed! New Czech finishes on Miyuki Size 8 seed beads: Black California Night, Black California Violet, Black California Blooming Meadow and White Opaque Lila Vega Luster! Also new: Miyuki's Golden Bamboo Picasso and Turquoise Picasso in 3.4mm Drops/Fringe beads & 4x7mm Magatamas; size 3 (5mm) seed beads; Miyuki's Picasso finishes on size 11 seed beads!

19/16/13: All Silky beads are on backorder --the first production sold-out!

New two-hole Tri-Beads and 1-1/2", 2x2", 2x3", and 3x4" ziploc plastic baggies! Miyuki 3.4mm drops (fringe beads) in Crystal Magic Green, Magic Purple, Magic Wine, Magic Blue, Jet Bronze, etc; NEW 4mm Tri beads (one hole in the center); , along with the new triangle beads (hole through one top of the triangle). I "Tri," Lol! >^.^<

Gorgeous and sparkly "California Gold Rush" beads direct from the Czech Republic arrived recently, including more new O Beads, Rulla, Rizo, SuperDuo, Heavy Metals Fire Polish beads, Piggy and Miyuki 3.4mm drops!

Can we ever have enough beads??? Noooooooo!

Beading Needles: Size 10, 11 and 12 Sharps, 10, 11 and 12 Beading; German Twisted Wire Needles (perfect for use with pearls and elastic bracelet stringing).

Please note that the numbers below are estimated, as the number of beads per gram varies per color, finish, and maker:

Size 15: 250 beads per gram
Size 11: 110 beads per gram
Size 8: 42 beads per gram
Size 6: 16 beads per gram
Size 3: 6 beads per gram

O beads: 35 beads per gram

Peanut/Farfalle Beads: 32 beads per gram;
(2x4mm) 895 beads per 28 grams;
14 beads per linear inch.

3x6mm Peanut Beads: 9 beads per gram;
(Farfalle) 250 beads per 28 grams;
9 beads per linear inch.

SuperDuo: 13 beads per gram
Rizo: 16 beads per gram
Rula: 9 beads per gram
Piggy: 4+ beads per gram
Pinch Beads: 14 beads per gram

5mm Tila: 11 beads per gram
9mm Tile: 4+ beads per gram


If there is an overage in shipping costs paid by you for items purchased, you will be refunded via PayPal the same day as your order is processed; thank you! >^.^<

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