Cartilage Earrings, Ear Cuffs, Elf Ears, Dice Keychains

merigreenleaf is taking a short break.

I started a new job recently and I'm trying to adjust to the new schedule, so I'm going to have my Etsy shop empty/on hiatus for a while. I will be checking my messages and emails while my shop's on hiatus, so feel free to contact me any time.

If you click the alert button on this page (website version- I don't know if mobile offers this), Etsy will send you an email letting you know when I've reopened. :)

I plan on continuing to update my art blog, so you can find my art updates on my website/blog


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merigreenleaf's Shop Announcement

Elfling Creations: home of cartilage chain earrings and ear cuffs, costume elf ears and horns, chainmaille jewelry, gaming dice keychains, rune stone sets, and dolls. Custom orders are welcome!

If you ever have any questions, comments, or requests, please contact me via Etsy or email merigreenleaf[at] I'll be happy to help!

Please see my Policies page for more shop information:


Info about earrings:

Pierced? Clip on?
I can use either pierced cartilage posts or nonpierced ear cuffs for the cartilage. For the ear lobe I can use pierced posts or clip ons. If what you're looking for isn't available as an option in a listing, please contact me and I can make it special for you.

Sensitive ears? Need silver or gold?
By default I use stainless steel for the pierced earring posts. For a few extra dollars, I can switch the pierced posts to sterling silver or 14k gold plated; if you'd like this, please contact me.

Need a thicker/larger gauge piercing for your cartilage?
By default my earring posts are 21 gauge (the standard size you'd get at the mall), but if your cartilage piercing is a different size than this, let me know and I can make something custom for you.

Pairs/sets or custom orders?
Want an earring as part of a pair rather than a single earring? I can do that! I can also accommodate any number of piercings in your ears and make something as custom as you would like!

Earring sizing:
***Please note that my mannequin's head and ear are slightly smaller than life-sized (meaning that the earrings will look a bit smaller on your own ear), so please read the measurements when looking at a listing and compare this to your own ear if you're wondering how it will fit. (You can do this with either a cloth measuring tape or take a piece of string, measure out the length of the earring against a ruler, and then hold that measured string against your own ear.)
Please keep in mind that everyone's ears are different sizes, so the ear cuffs may sit on your ear differently than they do on the mannequin since the cuffs are one size fits all.***

Any other questions about earrings? See the very bottom of my Policies page:

Or feel free to contact me via Etsy or email with any questions. :)

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