merineiti's Shop Announcement

Corsets, stays, bodices, rococo halloween costumes, historical doll clothes
18th century fashion, Marie Antoinette, Pirates ----
Please take advantage of the one shipping promotion - you only pay shipping of one item, no handling fees, or shipping adding up with added items!

bags, wristlets, pocket hoops, panniers,
Georgian, Empire, Victorian, Renaissance & historical clothing and accessories of all sorts.
Fashion doll apparel, nautical stuff / gothic jewelry and anything in between might appear!

Apart from 18th century costumes I also irregularly sew playscale and 15 / 16 inch Fashion Doll clothing and doll accessories.

At the moment, custom orders are limited; I need minimum of three months to make made to measurement historical clothing and 1-2 months for a custom doll clothing.


You can see some old costumes I've made here:

I sew at home office, which is a smoke free and due sensitivity to fragrances un-scented washing powder is used to wash fabrics.
Please note that we have a chinese crested mix dog in the premises, trying to sneak into the sewing room and occasionally is succesful.