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Upgrade your pampered pet's dining experience with an exquisitely handcrafted wooden elevated dog bowl or elevated cat bowl feeder from Merlin's Bark Products upscale (yet affordable) pet dining furniture line. All of our in-stock feeders ship out (via FedEx) within 2 business days of receiving payment!


Wondering what size elevated feeder would be perfect for your pet? Below are some guidelines to help you find the proper height and bowl size:

* The feeder's height. The usual guideline to find the perfect feeder height is six inches below the pet's withers (i.e. front shoulders). Another broader guideline is that the feeder's height be between 4 to 10 inches below the withers. For example, if you got a tiny pup (or kitty) and six inches seem like a lot, four inches or less would be a good size.

* The bowl capacity.
1/2-pint bowl - holds 1 cup
1-pint bowl - holds 2 cups
1-quart bowl - holds 4 cups
2-quart bowl - holds 8 cups
3-quart bowl - holds 12 cups
5-quart bowl - holds 20 cups


Custom orders are always welcomed! We offer a wide variety of different colors (paint or stain) and can create any feeder in the exact height and bowl size needed for your pet.

Our current color samples:


The wood stain we use is called Varathane and here is the link to their color samples:


We also have a navy blue stain that is like the green stain. Sorry, but we do not currenly have any pictures of that particular color.

Here's our listing of current paint colors:

Milk Paint White:

Pumpkin Orange:

Grapefruit Yellow:

Bell Pepper Green:

Antique Green:

Guacamole Green:

Fun & Games Blue:

Admiral Blue:

Feeling Light Blue:

Brick Dust Red:

Singing Rose Pink:

Fudge Brown:




"Modern design for the posh pet"
- Michelle, WA

"The craftsmanship of our new bowl holder is amazing. It looks like a nice piece of furniture."
- Mary, MD

"A feeder that both looks better and is less costly than overpriced designer ware for pets"
- Andrea, DC

" I just love the feeder! It is absolutely gorgeous and like a piece of furniture."
- Tina, NY