MesEtoiles' Shop Announcement

THIS SHOP IS CLOSED!!! however, most of this listings from this shop can now be found at Thank you for your support. I have consolidated to simplify my daily routine and allow better focus and a higher quality experience for my customers.

You can also find me on Etsy as
(fabric, beads, and other supplies)
(Handmade Jewelry and decor)

As a team captain of the Marketing In Minutes team, I have an account under MIMteam which we use for public postings.
(fabric, beads, and other supplies)
(Handmade Jewelry and decor)

if there was anything you need which i carried here, contact me at one of these shops and i will list it for you. thank you!

Mes Étoiles is a branch of the Nedjma Bazaar Project. In this shop you will find organic teas, and spices, as well ancient and modern scents transformed into handmade incense, scented oils, and more.

My favorite scents are the exotic and ancient, such as myrrh and frankincense, as well as some standards and blends. I am not known for my subtlety and you will never find weak and watered down scents here!

I hope you love what you order. If you are in any way apprehensive, I do have programs in place for samples. I can also handle wholesale orders with no problem, although I do expect at least three weeks advance notice. Please contact me for details.

I am also on Etsy as

Where I sell fabric, beads, yarn, and many more supplies.

Where I sell handmade jewelry and home decor.

both these shops along with this one have a common theme of culture, nature, and modern twists on traditional styles.